Vadim Konovalov - Tcl/Tk access for Rakudo

Title: Tcl/Tk access for Rakudo

Name: Vadim Konovalov

Grant Manager: Rosellyne Thompson

Duration: about three weeks

Started: October, 2008

Implement Tk GUI interface for Rakudo.

Benefits to the Perl Community:
Powerful console-based utility is useful, but it becomes much more attractive when it has ability to easily create interfaces, so demos and screenshots will be better looking. Given that Tk 8.5 as compared to 8.4 have much more attractive look-n-feel (better screen fonts and native widgets via tile) it will be much benefit for users.

Mostly, this is yet another CPAN module adopted for future version of Perl.

Project Schedule:
On average I will spend every day for two hours and will complete the project within 3 weeks.

I have experience of Perl programming for more than 10 years, I am now the maintainer of Tcl and Tcl::Tk CPAN modules, so have understaiding of interconnecting Perl and Tcl/Tk.

Amount Requested:
I would like to ask $1000 for the whole project.