Vadim Konovalov - Perl cross-compilation for linux and wince

Title: Perl cross-compilation for linux and wince

Name: Vadim Konovalov

Grant Manager: Rosellyne Thompson

Duration: 8 weeks

Started: October, 2008

Right now cross-compilation is largerly incomplete. The proposal is to develop current cross-compiling of perl into the normal quality stage.

Benefits to the Perl Community:
From time to time it is requested to have perl cross-compiled, and the lack of robust cross-compilation sometimes could disappoint people. For example there is available perl-5.8.3 for maemo on linux N700 device, but whenever an external module used the perl fails miserably. The mentioned device runs python quite fine, so it is obvious that perl could be in the same shape and better. Perl on Windows mobile also suffer from bitrot. PerlCE project page on sourceforge is stale (, but, according to SourceForge's statistics, even old binaries have quite much popularity - and popularity of perl will increase if binaries will be update more often. Right now as of 5.10.0 perlce could not be cleanly built for wince, also more wince platforms should be supported.

WinCE is mostly ready, there will be updates into the ./win32/makefile.ce to support more wince platforms and into ./win32/wince.c to bring the build up-to-date. Linux cross-compiling will require more work, having involved all files in ./Cross directory and some other files (e.g. ./configpm). There will also be updates into ExtUtils::MakeMaker to support new
concepts. Both linux and wince cross-compilations will be properly documented.

Project Schedule:
On average I will spend every day for two hours implementing cross-compiling and will complete wince within 3 weeks and linux crosscompiling within 5 weeks.

I have experience of Perl programming for more than 10 years, I have proposed some series of patches to support perl cross-compilation both for linux and for wince.

Amount Requested:
I would like to ask $1500 for linux and $1000 for wince parts of the project, so having $2500 in total.