Steering Committee Chair

Steering Committee Chair

The Steering Committee Chair is basically the chief cat-herder for the Steering Committee. This role coordinates work performed by the various committee members, checks in on progress, tries to remove barriers, and nags when necessary. Much of the discussion in TPF takes place on the steering committee mailing list and in the steering wiki, and the chair also monitors and facilitates this discussion and collaboration. The SC chair also is responsible for running the elections of the various SC positions (apart from the 'ex officio' ones) and for the Chairs of the other committess within TPF.

In addition to these duties, this role has traditionally taken on additional tasks that need doing inside TPF. Many of these may be self-identified, or requests may come from other members of the board. The Steering Committee Chair is empowered to find people to perform this work (on the steering committee or outside it) or just do the work themselves.

In practice, this role is vitally important to TPF as it sits at the key point between the board and the people in various roles doing work. Much of TPFs day-to-day business relies on an active, capable Steering Committee Chair. This role also has influence because of its position in the organization and the knowledge of all the different things going on.

Questions for potential Steering Committee Chairs

  1. Why do you feel you'd be a good choice to run the steering committee?
  2. Why do you want to run the steering committee?
  3. Can you deal with multiple different strong personalities in a tactful, productive way? (Examples of how you have done this in the past could be helpful here.)
  4. Given that this is an active, volunteer on-going role, are you sure you have the time and fortitude to keep up? Don't be ashamed of burn out. It's one of the biggest problems we face and we'd rather you take an honest assessment of yourself.
  5. Can you demonstrate that you are committed, organized and have follow-through?
  6. Have you ever been involved with the TPF before? If so, in what capacity?
  7. Have you had a community role before (organizing a large, on-going open-source project, running a Perl Mongers group, organizing a YAPC, etc.)? If so, how did you do? How would others say you did?
  8. If you are not selected for this role, would you be interested in helping TPF in some other way?