The Perl Foundation extends our sincere thanks to all our sponsors, large and small.

If you would like to make a donation to the Perl Foundation, or to a specific initiative such as the Core 5 Maintenance Fund for Perl 5 or one of the many Perl conferences supported by The Perl Foundation, then visit our donation page by simply clicking on the link in the sidebar, in this text, or by using the button on the top right of this paragraph.

This list is being compiled to represent a complete list of all sponsors with donation amounts listed where appropriate. At this time only larger donations have been listed, we hope to extend this to all donations and interactive sponsorship funds in the near future.

General Perl Foundation Sponsors
30th August 2011 LoveFilm

Perl 5 Core Maintenance Fund (P5CMF)
27th July 2011 Vienna.pm $10,000
28th July 2011 Booking.com $10,000
28th July 2011 CPanel $10,000
31st August 2011 Net-a-Porter $10,000
17th August 2011 Dijkmat $5,000
17th August Oslo Perl Mongers 1,000 Euro
22nd September LiquidWeb $10,000

Perl 5 Sponsors
24th January 2012 craigslist $100,000
14th December 2011 Booking.com 100,000 Euros

Perl 6 Sponsors
May 2008 Ian Hague Fund $200,000

We Appreciate Your Support

The donations of others helps keep the Perl Foundation alive. We appreciate all of our donors, and will-be donors. Please consider making a donation to help us with our efforts.

Historical Donations

Booking.com is Europe's largest and fastest growing online hotel booking business. Booking has donated at least $50,000 and hardware and manpower resources to the continued development of Perl 5.10.

Stichting NLnet is a non-profit organization with a mission and a philosophy. The mission is to advance network technology. The philosophy is Open Source.

Best Practical Solutions LLC are the creators of RT: Request Tracker, the leading open-source issue-tracking system.


Mozilla Foundation is a non-profit organization that sponsors the Mozilla project and devotes its resources to promoting openness, innovation and opportunity on the Internet.


Additional thanks go to slicehost, who provides hosting free of charge for The Perl Foundation.