Public Relations

Public Relations

The PR person acts as the central communication point between TPF and the media and provides PR for the entire Perl community. The communication includes information coming in, like questions, and information going out, like announcements regarding new versions of Perl. We have mail aliases to funnel all media requests to you, so you'll see it all.


  • Respond to all media requests, getting more information from other places when necessary.
  • Pass along relevant information to the Steering Committee (keep the SC in the loop).
  • Publicize announcement for TPF members as needed.
  • Create new and cultivate existing relationships with media people in the IT media world.
  • Think of ways to publicize Perl and significant Perl events such as new releases of code and events like YAPC, hackathons, etc.
  • Think of ways to use the media and possibly advertising to make more people aware of Perl.
  • Manage projects to do the above, making budget requests when appropriate to accomplish some of these goals.


  1. Are you familiar with the Perl community such that you know where to go to get definitive answers to media questions?
  2. Do you follow the IT media more than just reading Slashdot?
  3. Can you communicate with IT media groups in many different segments of the IT industry?
  4. Do you have strong writing skills such that you can write professional press releases?
  5. Do you have any existing connections with the IT media?