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The Perl Foundation and GSoC 2012

It is common knowledge that the Perl Foundation did not get accepted to this year's GSoC. The official line from Google was that we were rejected as they wanted to allow more 'new' organisations in and we were one of the older organisations that were cut. This unfortunately doesn't give us enough understanding of how we can improve our chances, or if it would be better to allow all the various projects to apply individually instead of under the tpf banner as this might improve their chances. We will be holding discussions on this in the coming year and will hopefully have a cohesive plan for next year.

In the meantime we will once again participate (if accepted!) in the GCi if/when announced, and have some plans for an alternative event to the GSoC based solely around Perl. We will keep you informed of future developments...

The Perl Foundation to attempt to participate in GSoC 2012


On the 4th February Google confirmed that there will once again be a Summer of Code in 2012. The Perl Foundation will once again attempt to participate as a mentoring organisation in this event. Please read Mark Keating's Perly Blog for more information. A general information page and Ideas Page can be found on the EPO wiki.

Please check back here to see changes, a new page under the sidebar Initiatives is being prepared and will soon be available. A new flyer is available to print out and distribute at basic-with-bleed-2012.pdf; [Press Releases] basic-home-office-2012.pdf; [Press Releases] GSoC-2012-2.pdf [Press Releases] GSoC-2012-2.pdf.

craigslist Charitable Fund Donates $100,000 to the Perl Foundation


We are pleased to announce that the craigslist Charitable Fund has donated $100,000 to support Perl5 and the Perl Foundation. craigslist CEO and former Perl Hacker Jim Buckmaster, said, “It was unclear at first how best to give something back to Perl. Fortunately there was more than one way to do it.” Karen Pauley, Perl Foundation President stated: “I am extremely grateful to craigslist Charitable Fund for this incredibly generous donation. What a fantastic way for The Perl Foundation to start 2012!”

For more information download the pdf of the press release: [Press Releases] tpf-craigslist-sponsorship.pdf, or the news item at

DC-Baltimore Perl Workshop


The DC Baltimore Perl Workshop will be held on the 14th April 2012 on the Campus of CCBC Catonsville.

The conference will feature two tracks, the first will be a traditional speakers track while the second will feature workshops and tutorials aimed at people new to Perl or wishing to refresh their skills.

Early registration is encouraged for the bargain price of $25 (USD), which will increase to $50 (USD) on the 1st February, students and the unemployed will be granted free admission. Speaker submissions are on a rolling basis so early submission is favourable.

Read more on the conference website at Wants Your Articles!

Last year (2011), came back to life, this time under the guidance of The Perl Foundation. We're glad to be back, publishing tips, tricks, and tutorials for novices, dabblers, and professionals alike!

We've already published some great articles, but we need your help. What cool things are you doing with Perl in your work? What clever hacks have you perpetuated as you play? Which module did you just now discover to save you time and frustration? What technique did someone show you to get your work done faster, with more simplicity and elegance?

Perl can do anything, and 2011 has demonstrated that Perl is bigger and better than ever. Well-established projects like Catalyst, Moose, Dancer, and Mojolicious increase the fun and decrease the boilerplate. New projects like Marpa, Plack, and Carton simplify our work. Yet there's always room to talk about old stalwarts—including new and long-forgotten features of Perl 5 itself.

This is our site, and it's exactly what we make of it. Let's show off a little bit. Send your article proposals and ideas to, and let's make 2012 the best year for Perl yet. present further sponsorship for Perl5


It is with great pleasure that I can announce that, the premier online hotel room reservation company, have given a donation of one hundred thousand Euros towards future development of Perl 5.

Karen Pauley and Jesse Vincent (the former Perl5 PumpKing) are attending a special event in Amsterdam where they will officially accept the sponsorship. have a long association of involvement in the Perl community and have supported its developments in many ways.

A special announcement and full press release will be available in due course.


For more information download the pdf of the press release: [Press Releases] Perl-5-booking-sponsorship.pdf, or the news item at


Perl Oasis 2012

The 2012 Perl Oasis with be held in Orlando, Florida on 13-15th January at the Four Points Sheraton, 5905 International Drive, FL3 2819.

Perl Oasis is a day long conference focusing on the practical applications of Perl, the conference is organised by the Orlando Perl Mongers with the duties formally handled by Chris Prather and Jamie Moorhead.

This year's topic is "Perl, Go-Karts and Beer"and you can submit a talk or sponsor the conference right now. You can also sign up for attendance.

Google Code-in 2011


The Perl foundation has been accepted as a mentoring organisation for the Google Code-in 2011. We are now seeking students and mentors to participate in this event. Please make sure to spread the word and links to anyone you think might be interested, you can also download and distribute flyers which are available on the Press Releases section of the website and linked below.

There is a very short time period to involve yourself in this important initiative students need not be specifically from a computing background as there are eight areas of tasks and expert guidance available.

Please join the irc channel #gci on to discuss this either as a mentor or as a student.

You must sign up with Google Melange if you wish to be a Mentor for the initiative.

Press Releases
[Press Releases] GCi-2011-basic-home-small-office-printer.pdf
[Press Releases] GCi-2011-basic.pdf

Web Pages

Google Code-in Page:
tpf GCi page:
tpf Tasks page:
tpf Mentors' page:

YAPC Brasil

While not being a TPF event we would like to announce this year's YAPC::Brasil is being held in the magnificent city of Rio de Janeiro in the Centro de Convenes Flex Center this weekend from Friday 4th November to Sunday 6th November 2011.

The schedule for Friday will feature a 1 day course by the guest speaker brian d foy who will be teaching "Effective Perl Programming". The two weekend days, Saturday and Sunday, will feature a broad range of talks in both English and Portuguese (not simultaneously).

A complete schedule is currently online and you can also register for the event, images promoting the event along with maps detailing how to attend are also online.

A new Jack o' Lantern*

With typical stylish aplomb and an adherence to timing we have come to admire the excellent Jesse Vincent passed on the reins (reigns)* and title of Pumpking on All Hallow's Eve, yesterday.

Jesse has served as Pumpking for two years and in that time we have seen a slew of releases and an adherence to development and deployment management that has earned great respect both within and outside of our community.

Jesse has spent some time discussing the change of Kingship with the incoming "new Jack"* Ricardo Signes (RJBS) and we in the community know that the title and duties are in good hands.

It is therefore with a great regret that we wave farewell to Jesse who stands tall with the other former Pumpkings and we hail our new Perl 5 Overlord, in just style I declare "the King is dead, long live the King".

Please make sure you view Jesse's original announcement.
  • Apologies for my puns.

Google Code-in 2011 (GCi2011)

The Perl Foundation is aiming to participate as a mentoring organization in Google Code-in 2011! Our application must be prepared by 1st November 2011 and if we are successful this will be announced on 9th November 2011.

We would gratefully ask for your help by providing project ideas for this year's students as soon as possible so that we can gain acceptance onto this program. Tasks can be added after the 1st November but the more tasks we have by that date the more chance we have of succeeding as a mentoring organisation.

The program ideally suits small tasks that can be achieved within a few hours to a few days of work. The students will be at high school/college and be aged between 13 - 18 years.

Liquid Web Donate $10,000 to the P5 CMF


It is my pleasure to announce that Liquid Web has joined the swelling number of companies, organisation and individuals who have confirmed their support for the Perl 5 Core Maintenance Fund. Karen Pauley, President of the Perl foundation, was delighted with the news of the donation. "This investment in Perl's future from Liquid Web will go a long way to help maintain the viability of Perl 5 as a platform for the many businesses that depend upon it and will deliver a positive impact upon the entire Perl community”.

Liquid Web, Inc. ( are a rapidly growing managed Web Hosting company, with locations in Michigan and Arizona with a clear commitment to innovation and development.

We have now made more information available, please download the pdf of the press release: [Press Releases] Perl-5-CMF-liquid-web-sponsorship.pdf, [Press Releases] liquid-web-Press-Release-Perl5-cmf-Donation.pdf, or read the news item at:

Nicholas Clark Perl 5 CMF Grant approved

Karen Pauley announced today that Dr Nicholas Clark has been succesful in his grant application to work on the Perl 5 Core as part of the Perl 5 Core Maintenance Fund, read more in Karen's article: and the original proposal at

Net-A-Porter champions Web Dev with $10,000 donation to Perl 5 CMF


As announced by Karen Pauley at this year's YAPC::EU in Riga, Latvia, "NET-A-PORTER.COM":, the world's premier online luxury fashion retailer, will donate $10,000 to the Perl 5 Core Maintenance Fund. "NET-A-PORTER": is committed to innovations in web technology and has created a bespoke e-Commerce platform to offer its customers a fast, responsive and interactive user experience. It uses Perl for a number of its programs and makes this donation as a sign of its commitment to the language and an acknowledgement of the work that the Foundation is doing.

We have now made more information available, please download the pdf of the press release: [Press Releases] Perl-5-CMF-NAP-sponsorship.pdf, or read the news item at:

LOVEFiLM supports the Perl Community

The Perl Foundation is proud to announce that LOVEFiLM, Europe’s largest subscription service, are supporting the Perl community by assisting with the maintenance of regular programs such as memberships and grants.

Mike Blakemore, Chief Technology Officer at LOVEFiLM states: “Perl underpins all the technology at LOVEFiLM – from warehouse, customer service, website, and back end processes. Its flexibility lets us innovate quickly and its maturity means there are developers rich in experience when it comes to operating in Perl.”

Karen Pauley, Perl Foundation President stated: "The support from LOVEFiLM is an essential component of the relationship that the Perl community shares with the commercial world. I am happy once again to see another successful Perl company proud of its involvement in the Perl Foundation and the community we support."

For more information download the pdf of the press release: [Press Releases] TPF-Lovefilm-supporting-the-Perl-community.pdf, or the news item at

Oslo Perl Mongers donate to 1,000 euros to the Perl 5 Core Maintenance Fund

We are proud to announce that the Oslo Perl Mongers have donated 1,000 Euros to the Perl 5 Core Maintenance Fund. They announced at the end of the YAPC::EU that they have had a good year promoting Perl and promoting Perl training and have gathered funds for further community projects and part of this is in support of the TPF. "We are overjoyed that another local Perl group is able to donate a significant sum to us," said Karen Pauley on hearing the news.

White Camel Awards

Leo Lapworth, Daisuke Maki and Andrew Shitov have been awarded the White Camel award for 2011. The announcement was made by brian d foy at the YAPC::EU::2011 conference in Riga, Latvia. The White Camel award celebrates those people who have made significant contribution to the Perl community in the previous year. The Perl Foundation offers its warmest congratulations to this years winners.

Dijkmat Donate $5,000 to Perl 5 CMF


It is a great pleasure to announce that Dijkmat have donated five thousand dollars to the Perl 5 Core Maintenance Fund. Dijmat are well known in the European Perl community for their work with Amsterdam Perl Mongers, YEF (YAPC Europe Federation) and their consistent attendance, support and volunteering for the European conferences and events. "Once again Dijkmat have shown their love for, and support of, the Perl community with this generous contribution," said Karen Pauley, "we are very fortunate to have active members and contributors like Liz and Wendy."

Dijkmat have years of experience in the development of programs and interactive websites (including toolkits for development). They have a high level of knowledge and experience in project management, personnel management, design, marketing, sales, administration and systems management. Dijkmat BV was founded in January 2000 by Elizabeth Mattijsen and Wendy GA van Dijk.

Net-A-Porter Donate $10,000 to Perl 5 CMF


It is my pleasure to announce that the Perl 5 Core Maintenance Fund has attracted sponsorship from Net-A-Porter. Net-A-Porter approached Karen Pauley, President of The Perl Foundation, and expressed their desire to fund this important initiative. “The generous support from Net-A-Porter will allow us to extend and expand grants to Perl developers who are working on the essential maintenance of the Perl 5 Core.” said TPF president Karen Pauley while attending YAPC Europe. “This will directly benefit the many thousands of Perl users around the world, helping us improve the language experience for everyone.”

Net-A-Porter is committed to innovations in web technology and has created a bespoke e-Commerce platform to offer its customers a fast, responsive and interactive user experience. It uses Perl for a number of its programs and makes this donation as a sign of its commitment to the language and an acknowledgment of the work that the Foundation is doing.

cPanel Donate $10,000 to Perl 5 CMF


It is my pleasure to announce that the Perl 5 Core Maintenance Fund has attracted sponsorship from cPanel. cPanel approached Karen Pauley, president of The Perl Foundation, during the recent YAPC::NA conference in Asheville and announced their intent to sponsor this fund $10,000. cPanel has been developed in Perl and they have been sponsoring Perl events for many years. This generous contribution towards the Perl 5 Core Maintenance Fund is just another example of their continued investment in the Perl community and the Perl language.

cPanel is a leading Web Hosting Control Panel Software provider supplying hosting automation tools to numerous data centers and customers all around the world. cPanel offers web hosting software that automates the intricate workings of web hosting servers. cPanel products are used on tens of thousands of servers worldwide to equip server administrators with the tools they need to provide top notch hosting to their customers.

For more information download the pdf of the press release: [Press Releases] Perl-5-CMF-cpanel-sponsorship.pages, or the news item at: Donate $10,000 to Perl 5 CMF


It is my pleasure to announce that approached Karen Pauley, president of The Perl Foundation, during the recent YAPC::NA conference in Asheville and announced their intent to sponsor the Core Maintenance Fund for $10,000 have sponsored Perl events and initiatives for many years and have also been host to Perl events at their offices in Amsterdam. is one of the world’s leading online hotel room reservation services and part of the group. was founded in 1996 and is based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. attracts millions of unique visitors each month who can choose from over one hundred and thirty-five thousand participating hotels based in over one hundred countries worldwide. reserves greater than two hundred thousand room nights each day in over forty languages. They have over forty offices worldwide serving twenty-four hours a day to their customers.

For more information download the pdf of the press release: [Press Releases] Perl-5-CMF-booking-sponsorship.pdf, or the news item at donates 10,000 dollars to the Core Maintenance Fund

The initial objective of the Core Maintenance Fund is to raise $25,000 to continue funding Dave Mitchell's work and to fund new work on the core by Nicholas Clark. This has been "match funded" by who will match dollar for dollar the first $10,000 of sponsorship leaving on 20% of the initial funding to be found after the first $10,000 has been raised (27th July announcement by Thomas Klausner). This generous contribution is due to the well managed YAPC::Europe 2007 in Vienna.

The Perl Foundation would like to thank for the generous contribution and to kick-starting the sponsorship drive for this important initiative.

Perl 5 Core Maintenance Fund

The Perl Foundation has provided a series of grants targeted at improving the Perl 5 core. The original funding as provided by is now almost depleted but The Perl Foundation is committed to raising new funding to help continue and expand this important venture. We are hoping to further fund Dave Mitchell's work and to fund new work on the core by Nicholas Clark.

We are looking for companies and individuals to donate at this targeted fund Larger sponsors will receive specific mention of their contribution to this fund on the Sponsor's page under the fund's section, donations of $1000 dollars or more will result in the sponsor's logo being used and the organisation (of choice) being credited on a weekly report. Please visit the page on the Perl 5 Core Maintenance Fund for more details and how to apply.

The Perl Foundation booth at OSCON

If you are visiting OSCON this week then you might like to wander to The Perl Foundation's booth at the event where you can pick up some merchandise and chat with the booth attendants (Chris and Mark Prather are featured in the photograph) about the recent events in Perl and the Perlverse.

This year we have added an element of frivolity to our booth and you can pick up a balloon camel that we have had custom made by a local balloon artist (get them quick before they are hit by deflation!), or grab stickers and flyers that will link you to some of the best sites for Perl and Perl projects. A fuller report with more pictures will be available after the event.

Perl 5.14

A new version of Perl, 5.14, was officially released on 14th May following the successful test period, including the testing of release candidates. This is the first release of Perl 5 using the new annual schedule.
A Perl Foundation news article can be found at:
A full list of changes can be found at:

As always the code will be available for download from CPAN.

Google Summer of Code 2011

I am delighted to announce that TPF has been accepted as a mentoring organization for this year's Google Summer of Code. Google Summer of Code is a program that offers stipends to student developers for writing code for open source software projects. The following six students and projects have been accepted:

Andr� Walker - Rework Catalyst component setup code
Mentored by Tomas Doran and Eden Cardim

Brian Neil Fraser - Making the Perl Core UTF-8 clean
Mentored by Florian Ragwitz and Zefram

Carlos Ivan Sosa - Removing the upgrading necessity of the Dancer script with a module
Mentored by Sawyer X and Franck Cuny

Marc Green - Standardization of core documentation parsing tools
Mentored by Ricardo Signes and David E. Wheeler

Moritz Onken - CPAN search for the modern web
Mentored by Clinton Gormley and Olaf Alders

Tadeusz Sośnierz - Pod parser for Rakudo
Mentored by Moritz Lenz and Carl Masak

YAPC::NA 2012 Call For Venue

YAPC::NA 2011 in Asheville, NC is still four months away, but that doesn't mean that we can't start planning for 2012. The call for venue is officially open! The TPF Conference Committee will be accepting bids today through May 15th 2011.

What is YAPC::NA?

YAPC::NA is an annual Perl-focused conference held at various locations throughout North America. The conference is a grassroots symposia on the Perl programming language promoted by The Perl Foundation.

What is the "Call for Venue"?

Each year Perl Mongers groups bid to host the conference for the upcoming year in the location of their choosing. The "Call for Venue" is The Perl Foundation's official invitation for groups to send in their bids.

How do you submit a bid?

The best place to start is the bidding details page at While there, you'll find links to the venue requirements and the review criteria. You can do a little more research and peek at previous bids by searching the 'yapc' tag at The Perl Foundation blog.

Also, feel free to post your questions to this blog post or email tpf-conferences (at) perl (dot) org. If you know a previous organizer, it might not be a bad idea to chat with he or she to get some advice.

After your done and have your bid together, just email it to tpf-conferences (at) perl (dot) org. Remember, the deadline is May 15th 2011.