Perl Foundation Board of Directors election, new people, new positions

The Perl Foundation is pleased to announce new appointments to several board positions: Bill Odom, previously President, becomes Chairman; Richard Dice becomes President; and Jim Brandt becomes Vice President. The board elected these new members in an August 2007 vote by the board members as mandated by the charter. Kurt DeMaagd will continue to serve as Treasurer, and Nat Torkington and Allison Randal will continue to serve as directors.

On behalf of The Perl Foundation and the entire Perl community, our profound thanks go to Kevin Lenzo for his years of service as founding President and then Chairman of the foundation. While no longer a voting member of the Board of Directors, Kevin will retain the title of Director Emeritus.

Richard Dice and Jim Brandt, previously Steering Committee and Conference Committee chairs respectively, will continue to serve in these positions until committee elections are held. Details on these elections will be released shortly.