Perl 6 Core Development Fund


At the start of February 2015, during FOSDEM, Larry Wall announced that the Perl 6 team intend to declare a 6.0 language (defined by a conformance test suite) along with a conforming implementation by the end of 2015. This fund is being created to aid key Perl 6 developers in achieving this goal, and to fund Perl 6 development beyond the 6.0 language and implementation release.

Description of Fund

The donations made to this fund will be used for the development and improvement of Perl 6. Funds will be disbursed via grants awarded by The Perl Foundation in conjunction with well-respected members of the Perl 6 community. The grants will be awarded to the most appropriate applicant and managed in association with the Perl 6 developers.

Initial Objectives

The initial objective of this fund is to raise $25,000 to fund Jonathan Worthington’s work on Perl 6 in 2015.

Applicant Eligibility

Due to the nature of this fund, and its targeted focus, eligibility to apply has two initial requirements:

  1. To be eligible the applicant must be a contributor to Perl 6.
  2. The application must be endorsed by one or more people with commit rights to Perl 6.

Approval Process

Once an application has been received, and confirmed as matching the initial requirements, it will be published on The Perl Foundation blog for a period of community feedback. If it is required by the nature of the grant, feedback may also be requested from key community members. During this period of feedback applicants may be asked to provide additional material or to amend their application before it is put forward for evaluation.

Final evaluation of any grants will be performed by the president of The Perl Foundation in consultation with other members (Executive, Board and Committee); with members of the Perl 6 development; with the lead developer of Perl 6.

License and Release

Any code created, modified or submitted during the period of the grant should be released as open source under the same license terms as Perl 6 itself, unless prior agreement has been granted from the Perl 6 lead developer and the Perl 6 development team. Completed work will need to published in a public version control system.

Grant Conditions


  1. Successful applicants must provide a weekly report, either to the perl6-compiler mailing list or to a blog aggregated by Perl 6 Planet ( Missing two weekly reports in a row without prior notice will be grounds for terminating the grant.
  2. Successful applicants must provide a monthly report to The Perl Foundation.


  1. Each grant will have at least two managers to represent Perl 6 developers and The Perl Foundation.
  2. Payments will be made on a monthly basis, in arrears, only after the work has been signed off by the grant manager.
  3. In the case of a dispute that cannot be resolved the grant will be terminated.

Termination of Grant

As previously reported, missing two weekly reports in a row without prior notice and disputes that cannot be resolved will terminate the grant. Payment will be made for the work completed to date. For time based grants, payment will be for hours worked. For milestone based grants, payment will be made up to the last completed milestone.

Management of Fund

Administration Costs

The administration costs of running the fund, including the wire transfer fees, will be taken from the fund.


The structure of this fund may be amended at the discretion of the TPF board, in consultation with the Perl 6 team. Any changes made to the fund would not apply to grants already running, unless TPF and the grantee agree to such a change.


If a period of one year has elapsed with no grants in progress and no new applications, the remaining funds may be used for general Perl development.


In order to apply for a grant under this fund the following Grant Application form must be completed:

Perl 6 Core Development Fund Grant Application Form

(Please submit all areas of the completed form to Karen Pauley, President of TPF, karen(at)

(Your full name and irc nickname.)

Email & Contact Information:
(This information will not be made public but is required for the Foundation grant approval and payment of any funds.)

Project Title:
(How the grant will be known.)

(A brief description of your grant application.)

Benefits to Perl 6 Development:
(How your work will specifically benefit the development of Perl 6.)

Deliverable Elements:

Project Details:
(A more detailed description.)

Project Schedule:
(Please be as realistic as possible.)

(Who are you? What makes you the best person to work on this project?)

Endorsed by:

Country of Residence:
(Current country of residence, please note if you intend to move during the grant process and can provide details please do so.)

(Residents and nationals of countries who we are prohibited by U.S. law from engaging in commerce, are ineligible to participate.)

Amount Requested:
(In USD ($))

Suggestions for Grant Manager:
(Please make suggestions as to who would be willing to manage this grant)