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Perl 6
Perl 6 Information and Resources Super-Page

((Under construction.))

This page is an approximate combination {directory, table of contents, and index} of key Perl 6 {information and resources} on this wiki (and elsewhere).


Perl 6 Executive Summary

((Executive Summary To do: incorporate these feature as applicable (ref: "next big language")))
1. Object-literal syntax for arrays and hashes
2. Array slicing and other intelligent collection operators
3. Perl 5 compatible regular expression literals
4. Destructuring bind (e.g. x, y = returnTwoValues())
5. Function literals and first-class, non-broken closures
6. Standard OOP with classes, instances, interfaces, polymorphism, etc.
7. Visibility quantifiers (public/private/protected)
8. Iterators and generators
9. List comprehensions
10. Namespaces and packages
11. Cross-platform GUI
12. Operator overloading
13. Keyword and rest parameters
14. First-class parser and AST support
15. Static typing and duck typing
16. Type expressions and statically checkable semantics
17. Solid string and collection libraries
18. Strings and streams act like collections

Articles and Presentations
Articles and Presentations (Archive)

Learn About Perl 6
Glossary of Terms and Jargon
Download Perl 6
Getting Involved

Rakudo Hacking
Parrot Compiler

Perl 6 People

WITCH guidelines
Perl 6 Index Tablet


Perl 6 Tablets
Perl 6 History Tablet
Perl 6 Links Tablet
Perl 6 Delta Tablet
Best Of Perl 6 Tablet
Perl 6 Lookup Tablet
Perl 6 Intro Tablet

Test Suite

Project Overview
Perl 6 Tutorial

Historical Implementations

Perl 6 for Perl 5
Perl 6 Quotes

Development Dashboard
Perl 6 apps and modules


Related Projects


Rakudo Star


Open source Perl 6 book
Perl 6 Books and Media



Perl 6 RSS News Feeds and Headlines
Perl 6 Donors, Sponsors, and Supporters
Perl 6 Donations and Fundraising

Pugs Diagnostics

Perl 6 Tutorial Part 1
The Long Perl 6 Super-Feature List
Amazing Perl 6
Mail Lists, IRC, Archives
Summer of Code Ideas

Upcoming Events

perl6 tasks

What can I do with Perl 6 today?
When will Perl 6 be released?
SMOP Values Not Subject to Garbage Collection


Perl 6 Operators Tablet
Perl 6 Variables Tablet

Roadmap to helping with Development

Perl 6 hackathon targets

SMOP Status

rakudo feature status

A Guide to the Pugs Repository for Rakudo Hackers

Test Suite Refactoring

Smart Linking

Using Perl 5 Embedding

Perl 6 Job Listings
Perl 6 Marketplace

Apache Modules
Perl 6 Prospectus

Perl 6 Newsgroup Threads of Interest

Larry Wall's Talks
State of the Onion

Old YAP6 Changelog

Lists of pages
Meeting agendas
Project Plans


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