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Will Coleda

aka Coke

Vice president of the parrot foundation and long time developer of Parrot. He writes also partcl, the TCL compiler for Parrot.

Patrick Michaud

Lead developer of Rakudo, NQP, and the PCT (Parrot Compiler Toolkit). Also author of PGE, an early implementation of a Perl 6 grammar engine for Parrot.

Jonathan Worthington

English Perl hacker, who currently lives in Bratislava, capital of Slovakia, but also enjoys to travel a lot. He is one of the driving forces behind the Rakudo where he fiddles especially with the dispatch, type system and object model. Jonathan also started Blizkost and long ago wrote the .net bridge for Parrot. He gave a lot of Perl 6 and Rakudo related talks. In any of these talks he mentions beer, because he loves it so much. He also posts regularly about his hacking activities and his homepage is http://www.jnthn.net/, where you can find all his talks.

Jonathan Leto

a.k.a Duke Leto

is a Parrot developer working on many aspects of the VM: ports to RTEMS and BUG, The Parrot Shell, many tests, the Tapir test harness, PL/Parrot (embedding Parrot in the PostgreSQL database) and a git mirror of Parrot.

Carl Mäsak

Masak co-wrote November and is therefore a heavy user of Rakudo. He also wrote the game Druid in Perl 6 and the module Web.pm. Carl intiated and work on proto, a prototype module system for Rakudo.

Daniel Ruoso

Brasilian Perl programmer, Author of SMOP and Mildew.

Damian Conway

Larry Wall's evil henchman who also serves in the language design team. He wrote some of the Exegeses and Synopses. Due his genius and speaking skills he act constantly as an agent provocateur at conferences.


Parrot developer, focusing on optimization, correctness, and the long-term sustainability of the project. He's touched almost every part of the system and has contributed for almost all of the lifetime of the project.

Perl 6 advocate, project secretary and the one who argued for roles for a couple of years until Allison pointed to the traits paper.

Co-owner of Onyx Neon Inc. and publisher of Onyx Neon Press, which has produced the PIR book and will publish the Rakudo Star book.

Read chromatic's journal and chromatic's Blog.

Flávio Soibelmann Glock
Moritz Lenz

Chief maintainer of the Perl 6 test suite who also writes a lot about Perl 6. He has several sites across the net, noteworthy here are his blogposts on http://perlgeek.de/blog-en/perl-6/ and his german site http://perl-6.de/, which is full of small Tutorials. He wrote also the software which runs http://perl6.org. And he is a co-author of the Open source Perl 6 book.

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