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Perl 6 apps and modules

The best source of information on perl6 apps and modules is the module listing:


Oslo Perl 6 Hackaton 2009

This year, Oslo Perl Mongers will be hosting the Nordic Perl Workshop on April 16-17th 2009. The topics we'd like to focus on are Perl 6, Rakudo, Parrot, modern use of Perl 5 and some of the efforts from the Enlightend Perl organization. To make everything more interesting, we'd like to invite you to:

Oslo Perl 6+Enlightened Perl Hackathon 2009

Saturday 18th, Sunday 19th and Monday 20th of April at Redpill-Linpro's training facilities in Oslo.

We had a very successful Hackathon there for the Perl-QA people last April, and would like to offer the same opportunity to the Perl 6 and Enlightened Perl people this time.

Details are sketchy still, but we know at least this:

  1. The Hackathon will happen. Redpill-Linpro are giving access to their nice offices and sponsoring us with food, drink, technical infrastructure and time from their employees.
  2. get an overview over this site and what it contains
  3. Nordic Perl Workshop is going to have a (two-day) track dedicated almost only to all things Perl 6, and another one with interesting topics about modern use of Perl 5. Our ambition is to use the conference as a recruiting ground for people who would like to learn about and hack on the projects related to the hackathon.
  4. If all goes well, we might even have a small hackathon-like gig on thursday evening at NPW. The goal with this is to show new people what a hackathon is about and how easy it is to join in. PerlJam suggested making it into a "food for bugfixes" event, perhaps with old-timers helping the newbies with the bug fixing?
  5. We have sponsorship (travel + hotel) for a couple of people already! More details later.

We're looking forward to the hackathon, but to make it a success WE NEED YOUR HELP. Update this page, tell us what you'd like to do, tell people about the hackathon.


This is a preliminary schedule...

  Wednesday 2009-04-15 Thursday 2009-04-16 Friday 2009-04-17 Saturday 2009-04-18 Sunday 2009-04-19 Monday 2009-04-20


  Nordic Perl Workshop and Go Open day 1 Nordic Perl Workshop and Go Open day 2

Hackathon day 1
Gabor's "Hands-on Perl 6" class

Hackathon day 2 Hackathon day 3


      Daily wrap-up meeting Daily wrap-up meeting Hackathon wrap-up meeting


Social event?

Go Open "Meet the Experts".
Maybe a mini-hackathon at the
conference venue?

Conference dinner? More hacking, or a social event? More hacking, or a social event? Hackathon dinner?


(If you are planning to attend the hackathon please add your name here)

(Please also add some ideas on what are you planning to do/what you did during the hackathon)

  • Gabor Szabo
  • Carl Mäsak
  • Cosimo Streppone
  • Jonathan Worthington
  • Patrick Michaud
  • Larry Wall
  • Salve J. Nilsen (organizer)
  • Karl Rune Nilsen (organizer, Redpill-Linpro contact)
  • Marcus Ramberg (organizer)
  • Andreas Marienborg (omega), want to help where needed/can
  • Chris Vertonghen (chrisv)
  • Florian Ragwitz (rafl), wants to hack on MooseX::Declare (as well as related modules), Catayst 5.80 and Moose::XS.
  • Martin Kjeldsen (Only Saturday and Sunday)
  • Felix Antonius Wilhelm Ostmann (Sadrak)
  • Jeremiah Foster (Want to work on Live Debian / Perl 6 CD)
  • Dagfinn Ilmari Mannsåker (ilmari) (DBIx::Class::Schema::Loader)
  • Claes Jakobsson (investigate and hack on a possible Runops::NanoJIT)
  • Tore Haugland
  • Yuval Kogman (wants to talk too much and get nothing done as usual)
  • Jan Ingvoldstad (no plan, discussed types and stuff, social hacking, food, photography, helped out a bit and learned more)


  • Perl 6 hackathon targets
  • Creating modules for Perl 6 (interested: Karl Rune)
  • Padre development (improving how Padre can show the Perl 6 docs and how it can give help to the new Perl 6 developers) (interested: Gabor, Karl Rune)
  • Work on Padre::Plugin::EPO whatever that should be (interested: Gabor)
  • Work on enlightened perl primary projects (Catalyst, Moose, Dbic, Module::Install or Task::Kensho) (interested: chrisv, rafl)

Ideas for social events

  • Pub meetup on friday
  • Edvard Munch Museum
  • Beer


Karl Rune Nilsen, krunen (at) gmail (Perl 6 track)
Marcus Ramberg, marcus (dot) ramberg (at) gmail (dot) com (EPO track)
Salve J. Nilsen, sjn (at) pvv (dot) org

Rakudo Star

Rakudo * aka Rakudo Star aka Rakudo Whatever is pivotal release of Rakudo, that is planned for Q2 2010. Its primary purpose is to be a robust demonstration of how much Perl 6 can be used today. It is hoped that a lot of feedback will come from that, which will improve the implementation and the language. In addition, it is hoped it will attract new developers.

The star is a hint toward the Perl 6 operator called whatever (see WITCH star), meaning this release is not optimized for completness, but for stability. To almost quote Patrick Michaud, who came up with this idea at YAPC::EU in Lissabon: "whatever will be there in spring 2010, will be released".

While the original release plan was for late April 2010, a family crisis for Patrick Michaud has understandably taken up much of his attention. The release date has changed slightly from a solid April 2010 until sometime in the second quarter of 2010.

"Rakudo Star" was released on 29 July 2010. See some of the Press it got: Rakudo Star Press

Rakudo Hacking

Just some general information for hacking on the PIR code behind Rakudo

Method Organization in Files:

  1. Methods
  2. Operators
  3. Coercions
  4. Private methods
  5. Vtable functions


When do you use !EXPORT?

If the method is "is export" in S29, we use !EXPORT
If there is a separate sub, then we put that sub into .namespace [] and don't !EXPORT the method
The reason is that grep { ... }, @list is different from @list.grep { ... }


  • .tailcall '!FAIL'('reason') is the PIR equivalent of Perl 6's fail() function.
  • basically any time we have = new 'Undef' it definitely needs to be converted to 'undef'() or something similar.

The Rakudo Perl 6 Compiler ("rakudo" for short) targets the Parrot Virtual Machine, and it currently lives on github. Its developed by Patrick Michaud (pmichaud - lead developer), Jonathan Worthington (jnthn), Stephen Weeks and others, mostly using NQP. It will most likely become the "official" Perl 6.0 release.

To build the Rakudo Perl 6 compiler, follow the instructions on the official homepage.
Parrot and Rakudo change rapidly; if you have issues with the latest point release, be sure to try svn/git-latest of parrot/rakudo.

Also check out Getting Involved to learn about how to help with development, and see A Guide to the Pugs Repository for Rakudo Hackers.

rakudo feature status
rakudo feature status does not have any headers.

Please noted that this page has been migrated to http://rakudo.org/status, so please incorporate changes there.

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