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Perl 6 People

This "who is doing what" and "who is interested in what" social-networking page is for anyone (including newbies and organizations) doing anything significant (including commercial) regarding Perl 6. Intructions about how to expand are at the end. Not all links lead to articles in this wiki. To get all of them click on the "People" tag on the right side or on this link.

Donors, Sponsors, and Supporters

This important section expanded enough to get its own page (Yea!): Perl 6 Donors, Sponsors, and Supporters.

The Language Design Team

Also known as "@Larry", and led by Larry Wall, our hero and leader, the inventor of Perl. We think he deserves a MacArthur prize.

Software Developers

Contributors to Implementations

Developers using Perl 6 (and Parrot)

  • Darren Duncan: DB-related stuff.
  • Stevan Little: "Moose is the new Perl" Moose meta-object system. Stevan's journal.
  • Carl Mäsak: frenetic Rakudo user, November author and our number one bug finder
  • Mark Stosberg: I'm working on porting CGI::Application to Perl 6 and having fun along the way.

Documentation Authors


Wiki Contributors

Article Authors


  • Ask Bjørn Hansen: Set up Perl 6 newsgroups (http://www.nntp.perl.org/group)
  • Andy Lester: Started and maintains Perlbuzz, which reports frequently about Perl 6 related events.
  • Gabor Szabo: gives talks and organizes a lot of different things in the community
  • Juerd Waalboer: Runs feather, a Perl 6 development machine, and used to be active in several areas of Perl 6/Pugs.

The Old Guard

These individuals contributed a great deal, but are no longer serving in their former capacities:

  • Bernhard Schmalhofer: Worked on Pipp, PHP on Parrot, and Eclectus, Scheme on Parrot.
  • Piers Cawley: Former parrot/perl6 summarizer.
  • Simon Cozens: Former parrot pumpking (versions 0.0.1 through 0.0.4), Parrot' name is based on his joke.
  • Matt Fowles: Former parrot/perl6 summarizer.
  • Ann Barcomb: Former parrot/perl6 summarizer.
  • Steve Fink: Former parrot pumpking (versions 0.0.9 through 0.0.12).
  • Jeff Goff: Former parrot pumpking (versions 0.0.5 to 0.0.8).
  • Luke Palmer: Former Perl 6 language list monitor and co-author of the retroactive Synopses.
  • Chip Salzenberg: Former parrot pumpking and the parrot architect, and a large contributor.
  • Dan Sugalski: Former and initial parrot architect and developer.
  • Leopold Tötsch: Leo was the pumpking for releases 0.0.13 - 0.4.5, and for some time was a larger contributor. Also see "People of Perl: Leopold Toetsch".
  • Nathan Torkington: Former project manager emeritus.
  • Jesse Vincent: The former Perl 6 project manager. An expert at the "stick and carrot" approach to open source development. ("Blog"<http://use.perl.org/~jesse)
  • Bryan Warnock: Used to compile the Perl 6 Digest with Simon Cozens. Yes, that Warnock.

How to add yourself to this page:

  • Add your (or their) name below, in alphabetical order (by last name or organization), in the most relevant section (or sections). Create a new section if a suitable section doesn't exist.
  • Link the name to a suitable home page, blog, or whatever, or you can create a new personal page on this wiki to link to (use the same name for the page name).
  • Add a few sentences relevant activities, interests, and so on.
Allison Randal

is the Chairman of Parrot Foundation and the Lead Developer of Parrot. She became the Parrot architect after Dan Sugalski and does a lot of hacking and spec writing. She also has her hands on the PCT (Parrot Compiler Toolkit). Allison started the Synopses with Damian Conway and founded the small publishing house Onyx Neon Inc.

Pawel Murias

aka pmurias

author of pixie and codeveloper of Mildew.

Martin Berends

aka mberends

Wiki contributer, author (vill) and coauthor (sprixel) of several implementations.

Larry Wall

aka TimToady

Inventor of Perl, patch, rn and some other very useful stuff. He received the white camel award, FSF Award and "Dr. Dobbs Journal Excellence in Programming Award" for that and is a two time champion of the "International Obfuscated C Code Contest". Of course he tries to be a genius once again, be serving as the chief language designer of Perl 6. He is also the author of the STD.pm and viv.

This guy has a lot of humor and insights which can be experiences during his talkes. For more infos please visit his page or his wikipedia article.

Herbert Breunung

CPAN & IRC: lichtkind , elsewhere: [sir_]lichtkind

Perlmonk with Czech and German genetic origins and a lot of interests. Mostly recognized in the Perl world for his GUI text editor Kephra. He began to be CPAN author with Perl6::Doc. Read more about the work on both projects and other Perl 5 related stuff in his first Blog.

He is active member of the german Perl-Community.de and writes for the german $foo magazine, mostly about Perl 6 and WxPerl. Currently is an article about Rakudo * for german heise online in preparation and also a small article about Perl 6 in the Perlzeitung

He and mberends++ did a major {reorganization, update, and cleanup} of this wiki. His main aim in this wiki is the Perl 6 Tutorial and the Perl 6 Tablets, which are translations of some of his work at the german perl-community.de wiki. He still maintains the "category: programming language Perl" in the german wikipedia, wrote a WikiBook and is editor of the DMOZ category Perl Tutorials and FAQ. Herbert is an early (if not the first) adopter (user) of November and also edited the australian Perl Wiki and the WxPerl Wiki. Read about his Perl 6 related stuff on his second Blog

Audrey Tang

aka audreyt aka autrijus

The primary force behind Pugs, the original Perl 6 compiler implementation in Haskell that targets at least four different backends, including JavaScript. Ended the long 'Dark Ages' of compiler-side Perl 6 development -- see Tang's Time-line in When will Perl 6 be released?. Spread '-Ofun' and commit bits to the masses and held lots of Perl 6 talks.

Gabor Szabo

aka szabgab

gave several talks and seminars about Perl 6. Receiver of the white camel award.

Conrad Schneiker

About That $1,000 Prize

  • I wanted to promote Perl 6 development, and I especially wanted to promote the development of Perl 6 related documentation. In my early attempts to play around with Perl 6 in my very limited spare time, I found the lack of a well-organized and up-to-date point of departure to be moderately frustrating. I thought this was likely to be a fairly common and counterproductive experience, and I've seen a significant number of comments that seem to bear this out. I've also seen lots of useful pointers and suggestions pass through mail lists and elsewhere (which many of us don't have the time to keep up with). Unfortunately, most of this information wasn't being collected and saved in a way that others could readily find and use.
  • These issues seemed like the obvious place to focus my limited resources so as to get the maximum leverage for helping Perl 6 take off, and for helping greatly enlarge to community of prospective users. So I first proposed a $1,000 prize for creating a Perl 6 based Perl 6 Wiki. (http://www.nntp.perl.org/group/perl.perl6.users/127) For various reasons (see perl.perl6.users archives for details), a satisfactory arrangement was never reached.
  • A subsequent alternative proposal suffered a similar fate. (http://www.nntp.perl.org/group/perl.perl6.users/296)
  • In any case, there is still $1,000 available for doing the Perl 6 based Wiki that replaces this one.
  • Latest news (2008-08-15): at the 2008 Europe YAPC, Carl Mäsak and Johan Viklund, announced an early proof-of-concept called November (http://viklund.pp.se/november.pdf). You might want to consider collaborating with them. November is released under the Perl 6 Artistic License 2.0: (http://github.com/viklund/november/).
  • Latest news (2008-08-21): A very early release of November is now available for the public to try out.

About Me

  • Most recently, I started the original fund-raising thread on perl6-users (and cross-posted elsewhere), and lobbied for a Perl 6 earmark donation process for grassroots fund-raising. (Many strong Perl 6 and Parrot developers are severely constrained by the time required for survival $work.)
  • I did the original Perl 6 Users FAQ. The increasingly unwieldy newsgroup FAQ ultimately morphed into the original content for this wiki, with a lot of help from the people at perl.net.au, who originally put it on their wiki. I later used that to provide the first big batch of content for this Wiki.
  • My previously thwarted attempts to create a user-oriented Perl 6 Google Group, and later, difficulties in trying to resurrect perl.perl6.meta for this purpose, eventually stimulated the creation of perl.perl6.users. (Thanks to Ask Bjørn Hansen and others on #perl6.)
  • Recent ancient history (i.e. around the turn of the century): I jumped through the procedural hoops needed to establish the Usenet newsgroup comp.lang.ruby in the "big 8" hierarchy, because I thought Ruby was great (and still do), and because I hoped it might spur serious OO improvements to Perl 5. This was some time before there was a Perl 6 project, when most people considered the idea of a major change to Perl 5 to be insane. I've been a long time {Perl 3, Perl 4, and Perl 5} user and fan, but I've always disliked Perl 5's OO, morphing sigils, and kludgy parameter passing.
  • Perl 6 forecast on 12-18-2005: "Perl 6 — The Next “World’s Greatest Programming Super-Language” (http://www.athenalab.com/#_Perl6). At the time, most people seemed to think that Perl 6 would never be completed, or that if it ever did get done, it would be too late to catch on. However the memories of somewhat analogous skepticism about Ruby were still fresh in my mind.

Contact Info

My Wiki Work Buffer

Recent and forthcoming construction work.

Stephen Weeks

aka Tene (IRC)

is a Parrot developer whose main activities are in the realm of exception handling and the HLL (high level language) Interoperability, meaning one of Parrot's main goal, that programs written in different languages can talk to each other. He also touched parts of the NQP language and the PCT (Parrot Compiler Toolkit). The Parrot compiler for Ruby (Cardinal) and LOLCODE are largely his work and he wrote also parts of Rakudo.

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