Perl 6
WITCH hat: Revision 1
^ Mnemonics

"hat","disjunct","but not","upto"

-- Used when something "wears many hats"
-- Also used in exclusive or and other disjunctions (you can only wear one hat at a time)


^ Used alone

{{^}} Before a value, the "upto operator"<> (a "Bartholomew Cubbins"<> hat)
{{^}} Before a package name is "shorthand for introspection"<> (lets you see its hat collection.)
{{^}} In a junction creates a "one() junction"<>

^ Operators containing this character

{{~^ and +^ and ?^}} An exclusive or bitwise operation (or an invert, if only one argument)
{{^}} placed on either or both ends of a range (..) or flip-flop range (ff or fff) to exclude (or "cap") the endpoints
{{.^}} as a method is also "for introspection"<>
{{^^}} "tight logical exclusive-or"<>

^ When used inside regexes

{{^}} Matches the "start of a string"<>
{{^^}} Matches the "start of a line"<>

^ Special Variables

Variable names starting with hats inside a pointy block or sub are "placeholder variables"<>
Method names declared with hats are metaclass methods

^ As an adverb

^ Other Uses

Method names starting with hats are "metaclass methods"<>

^ Hyper operator and meta operator restrictions

^ Old, deprecated, or other language uses

{{^}} was bitwise exclusive or in Perl 5. In Perl 6 that's ~^, +^, or ?^ for bitwise, and ^^ in logic.
Lots of special variables in Perl 5 started with ^. Not only are those gone, but "placeholders cannot have single uppercase names"<>

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