Perl 6
WITCH bang: Revision 3
^ Mnemonics

"not!", "!nvert", "!mportant", "!nternal", "ouch!"
-- most of the time is used to invert, negate, and booleanize
-- also used in error/exception handling
-- and to mark private stuff forbidden


^ Used alone

{{!}} negated boolean coercer as in common parlance (that means "use it like you are used to doing")
{{!}} in place of the method operator is used with "private methods"<>

^ Used as a brace pair or quote pair

^ Operators containing this character

! can "mutate other operators"<> to negate their boolean sense
!! is the second part of the "ternary conditional"<> operator
!!! is a fatal "yadayadayada"<>

^ When used inside regexes

{{!{}} in extensible metasyntax introduces an inverted "code assertion"<>
! should be backslashed or otherwise treated as it is non-alphanumeric, even though it is not currently "metasyntactical"<>

^ Special Variables

{{$!}} is the "current exception topic"<>

^ As an adverb

{{:!}} before the adverb of an "adverbial pair constructor"<>, is shorthand for assigning a value of 0 (which is false)

^ Other Uses

{{!}} after a parameter in a prototype marks it as a "required parameter"<>
{{!}} as a class attribute twigil designates it a "private attribute"<>
{{!}} as submethod parameter twigil creates an "attributive parameter"<>
{{!}} on a "pair query method"<>, however, is for boolean inversion
{{!}} designates a commandline option was prefixed with a + in a "MAIN subroutine"<>

^ Old, deprecated, or other language uses

!! does not do a double invert, use ? to coerce boolean

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