Perl 6
WITCH: Revision 20

What Is This Character Here?

The Perl6 WITCH is mostly a bunch of hyperlinks that allows one to find documentation for operators, special variables and other features when there is a "mystery character" whose usage is not understood.

Start by clicking on the character you do not understand the usage of. You will be brought to a page that tells how the character is used and/or can point you to compound operators or other uses for the character.

< left pointy
> right pointy
~ squiggle
\ backslash
/ slash
_ underscore
« left french
» right french
o small o
x small x
^ hat

In addition to a handy way to find out what an operator does, it also helps show how Perl 6 tries to allocate characters to uses that have similar or related semantics, by collecting a list of the various uses of a character in one place. Also mentioned are uses of characters from Perl5 and some other languages, so the index can also be used in a "how do I?" fashion.

Want to help build this? Make sure your favorite character, usage, or feature is documented... and that your favorite documentation is linked in. See the WITCH guidelines for some tips.

Good idea, but did you mean to say "Which?" instead of "WITCH":

Also some characters in column 1 are specially interpreted by the wiki (for example, ">" means indent and causes blank lines to be inserted, when doing a Save), so I indented the list to avoid that problem.

contributed by Conrad Schneiker on Jan 24 4:45pm

No, WITCH is correct, and stands for What Is This Character Here. Which I tried to get highlighted but the bold markup doesn't like being embedded in a word. Yeah if any characters are being interperated as markup where they shouldn't, enclose in {{}}.

(R.e. WHICH -- probably best not to mince with introspection .WHICH)

contributed by Brian Julin on Jan 24 5:06pm

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