Perl 6
What can I do with Perl 6 today?: Revision 41
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^ What can YOU do with Perl 6 Now, Today, This minute?

^^ Introduction

* Add tasks, exercises, and projects that can be done today with perl 6.
** Include brief explanations:
*** How to run?
*** What is required?
** Cite benchmarks (e.g. vs Perl 5, Python, Ruby, etc.), if possible.
* Each item should link to a page that gives a summary of its status (possible, buggy, depends on X) and includes or links to examples, benchmarks, articles, code, etc.
* Some places to check for potential content ideas:
** [Perl 6 RSS News Feeds and Headlines]
** {link: [Perl 6 Articles and Presentations] List of articles and presentations, most recent first}

^^ Run Some Code

* Get and make Rakudo:
** Get and Make parrot
*** `svn co parrot`
*** `perl ./`
*** `make`
** use `parrot languages/perl6/perl6.pbc some_code.p6`
** Try `make perl6` and then you can use `./perl6 some_code.p6`
* Download some "perl6 examples"<> (from the github perl6-examples repo)
** `git clone git://`
* Download more "perl6 examples"<> (from the pugs repo)
** `svn co`

^^ Solve Mathematical / Computer Science Problems and Exercises

* [Tower of Hanoi]
* [Hilberts Space Filling Curve]
* [Fibonacci Sequence]
* Bubble Sort
* Quick Sort
* Hashing

^^ File/Directory Access

* Random Access
* Streams
* Find
* Rsynch

^^ Networking / IPC

* CGI (see November wiki below)
* NMS scripts
* Servers
* Forking
* [Apache Modules]

^^ Database Access

* DBI (under development) (but you *can* "do something today"<>)

^^ Parsing

* ini files (simple task, just do it!)
* Apache logs
* Aeronautical / Weather Data Feeds

^^ Graphics

* Pie chart
* Fractals
* Render Vector / Bitmap Images
* Ascii Art
* 3D Graphics

^^ User Interface

* Curses
* Command line arguments/options

^^ Web Applications

* [November] - wiki engine (simple CGI, HTML::Template and URI ports live in repo)

^^ Use (Some) Perl 5 Modules from Perl 6

* [Using Perl 5 Embedding]

^^ Use Other Languages from Perl 6

* "Rakudo supports inline PIR"<> (Pimchaud blog post)

^^ See Also

* The (original prolog) "99 Problems page"<> (and "ovid's solution to one using perl 6"<>)
* Perl 6 blogs at "Planet Perl Six"<>.
* Perl 6 CPAN : [CPAN6].
* "Rakudo (Perl6 on Parrot) Roadmap"<>
* [Buy Wellbutrin] | "Buy Wellbutrin"<> | "Buy Wellbutrin"<>

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