Perl 6
Timeline: Revision 51
A chronological ordered overview of what happened so far. If you prefer longer explanations, try the [Perl 6 History Tablet].

* 1998 - Chip Salzenberg starts the "Topaz"{link: [Historical Implementations] Topaz} project
* 2000
** July 19 - "the coffee mug incident"<>
** July 19 - [Larry Wall] announced Perl 6 on the stage of TPF 4
* 2001
** April 1 - Simon Cozens launched on his hilarious but well crafted "April's fool joke"<>, the name "Parrot" was born
** April 2 - Larry released first "Apocalypse 1: The Ugly, the Bad, and the Good"<> (see also: [Synopses])
** May 15 - [Damian Conway] wrote first Exegesis: "Exegesis 2: Bits and Pieces"<>
** August 29 - Simon Cozens and Dan Sugalski began with the [Parrot]-VM, even Dan, the chief, did some scribblings before
* 2002 July 22 - Dan made the initial revision of Perl 6 compiler for [Parrot]
* 2003
** July - Larry was out for a year due to medical problems
** July 8 - The Perl Foundation announces "Ponie"{link: [Historical Implementations] Ponie}, a Perl 5 compiler for Parrot
* 2004
** April 13 - Apocalypse 12: Objects, the last one
** August 6 - [Patrick Michaud] got accepted as the perl 6 compiler pumpking, after [TPF] was looking for a new one for some time
** November 18 - first public release of [PGE] (p6ge at this time) by [Patrick Michaud], an important step to bootstrap
* 2005
** February, very first days of - [Audrey Tang] came public with [Pugs]
** October - "Dan leaves Parrot"<>
* 2006
** April 27 - MiniPerl 6 ([Perlito] now) is growing out of [pugs]
** May 17 - perl6-users mailing list created
** August 23 - "project Ponie officially ended"[]
* 2007
** January - [Parrot] switches to a monthly release cycle
** January 4 - "Flavio S. Glock"[Flávio Soibelmann Glock] leaves first traces of "kp6"[KindaPerl6], that stands of MiniPerl 6's shoulders
** February 3 - First snapshot of proposed standard Perl 6 grammar in standard Perl 6 ([])
** June 23 - Initial creation of Parrot Compiler Toolkit ([PCT]) as a branch of [PAST]
** June 29 - after hosting the official Perl 6 wiki on his own server for nearly 2 years, [Andy Lester] moved it on a Perl Foundation URL
** July 27 - [Patrick Michaud] did initial commit of [NQP]
** October 8 - [SMOP] (yap6 back then) started by [Daniel Ruoso] as "another prospective Perl 6 implementation, but now, a simple C runtime, hopefully a target for "kp6"[KindaPerl6]
* 2008
** January 16 - Parrot's Perl 6 compiler renamed to [Rakudo] and massively rewritten, now using [PCT]
** May 14 - "Ian Hague grants $200,000 to TPF"<> for Perl 6 and TPF reorganisation
** June 9 - [Allison Randal] files the incorporation papers for the Parrot Foundation
** October 3 - [Pawel Murias] and [Daniel Ruoso] began with [Mildew] a new generation of Perl 6 compiler for [SMOP].
* 2009
** March 17 - "Parrot 1.0 'Haru Tatsu' released"<>
** August 05 - Patrick Michaud "announces"<> [Rakudo star]
** December 1 - "the Perl 6 advent calendar"<> draws a lot of attention
* 2010
** January 20 - "Parrot 2.0.0"<>, major versions will be now released every year
** January 21 - "MiniPerl6 3.0 released"<>, now with Go lang and JVM backends


* 2010 April - [Rakudo star] release

{image: Perl_6_timeline.png}

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