Perl 6
rakudo feature status: Revision 23
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^^ Common things that are known to have problems or not work in Rakudo

(As of 2009-01-10.)
Where appropriate, provide a reference to the corresponding RT ticket. Note that we aren't trying to make a list of all known bugs -- that's what RT is for. This should just be for the common issues that people will want to be aware of or work around when playing with Rakudo.

* reading array/hash elements causes them to autovivify ("RT #61882"<>)
* incorrect parsing of blocks followed by 'if', 'unless', 'while', 'until', 'given', etc. ("RT #57876"<>)
* accessing outer lexicals from eval
* handles handle only String and List of String, Tepy and Regex not work yet
* lazy lists
* lazy ranges
* prefix and postfix hyperoperators
* //= ("RT #61880"<>)
* operator overloading, defining new operators
* nested package/grammar/class declarations
* autothreading of methods over Junctions
* slices/indexing of Ranges ("RT #61848"<>)
* filling positional parameters by named argument ("RT #54808"<>)
* assigning values to %*ENV ("RT #57400"<>)
* methods on Match cannot be used as rule names ("RT #57864"<>)
* some things that should be readonly aren't
* autovivification of undefs to arrays/hashes
* my Int @a; ("RT #61926"<>)
* variables in regexes ("RT #61960"<>)
* Perl 6 closures in regexes (although it is possible to execute some PIR, on the form {{{{ PIR HERE }}}})
* code assertions in regexes -- i.e., <?{...}> and <!{...}> (but PIR forms are available, as <? {{{{ PIR HERE }}}}>)
* interpolations of arrays, hashes, and method calls in strings ("RT #62198"<>)
** Note that the { ... } form is a usable workaround

^^ Things that do (mostly?) work in Rakudo

See also the twitter feed at <>.

* scalar, array, hash variables
* sub, multi sub, sub and methods signatures
* OO stuff mostly works: classes, methods, submethod, roles; has, self, is, of, does, handles etc.
* for, loop, repeat, while
* if, elsif, else, unless, given, when
* junctions (auto-threading partiality works )
* selected infix hyperoperators, reduction operators, cross (X) and zip (Z) operators
* slicing syntax
* chained comparison operators ( if 1 < $a < 100 { ... } )
* whatever star in slices
* closures
* currying (i.e., .assuming)
* simple next/last/redo
* take/gather
* pointy blocks ( -> $foo { ... } )
* open (:w or :r) and slurpy files (and that is all, IO stuff mostly not implemented yet)
* eval and try/CATCH
* Ranges
* max, min built-ins (but minmax not implemented yet)
* m// .trans and .subst (s// not implemented yet)
* grammar and .parse method to match it
* .pick, rand

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