Perl 6
Preludification Candidates: Revision 2
^^ About

`src/perl6/` contains some core functions for Perl 6...written in Perl 6. Through a bootstrapping process, it is a available at runtime in an efficient, pre-compiled form.

Being able to write some of Perl 6 in a Perl 6 is a benefit it itself, but an additional benefit is that functions in are automatically available to all Perl 6 implementations, helping spend of their development, and providing some consistency between them.

^^ Hacking on

Here's a rough shot at things that are implemented in src/Pugs/Prim.hs now and might be moved to src/perl6/ .

Some (many) of those rely on internals support to do the actual low-level stuff, for example IO. So it's (probably) okay to split up the work to a "myprim" sub in the Prelude and a sister "Pugs::Internals::myprim" in Prim. For example, Pipe.open2 offers a simple Perl6 interface to Haskell's runInteractiveCommand.

If your prim can be written efficiently in pure Perl6, that's great; by all means put it in the Prelude and mark it as such in a kwid block (FIXME: notation to be determined), so that it may be reused by non-pugsy Perl6 implementations :-)

If you have an questions about hacking on, please ask on "IRC"[Mail Lists, IRC, Archives]

> want
> bool::true
> bool::false
> time
> times
> File::Spec::cwd
> File::Spec::tmpdir
> chop
> chomp
> Str::split
> lc
> lcfirst
> uc
> ucfirst
> capitalize
> sort
> reverse
> perl
> require_haskell
> require_parrot
> require_perl5
> eval_parrot
> use
> require
> eval
> evalfile
> eval_perl5
> eval_haskell
> eval_yaml
> Pugs::Safe::safe_print
> elems
> graphs
> codes
> chars
> bytes
> readdir
> slurp
> opendir
> IO::Dir::closedir
> IO::Dir::rewinddir
> IO::Dir::readdir
> detach *rename to Thread.detach
> kill *rename to Thread.kill and Process.kill
> join *rename to Thread.join
> async
> listen *rename to Socket.listen
> flush *rename to IO.flush
> close *rename to IO.close / make multi?
> chr
> ord
> hex
> grep
> map
> join
> reduce
> Scalar::split
> Scalar::as
> connect *Socket.connect
> sprintf
> exec *Process.exec
> system *Process.system
> chmod *File? System?
> splice
> index
> rindex
> splice
> substr

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* This page is meant to supercede "PreludificationCandidates"<> from, on which it is based.

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