Perl 6
Perl 6 Tablets: Revision 23

These are the Perl 6 Tablets, a comprehensive manual, packed with every information we know about Perl 6. The content is nicely sorted and indexed to be used as a encyclopedia. Many links allow you to follow your interest freely. For a lightweight introduction, try the Perl 6 Tutorial. If its too easy, read the specs.

DISCLAIMER: completely translated are currently only the introduction and 5 appendices.
COMPLETED: Intro and Tablet 1
USEFULL: Tablet 3 and Appendix A,B,E,F are almost complete

Preface and Introduction

Tablet 0: History

Tablet 1: Language Design

Tablet 2: Basic Syntax

Tablet 3: Variables

Tablet 4: Operators

Tablet 5: IO, Quoting, Formats, Misc.

Tablet 6: Blocks, Loops, Conditions

Tablet 7: Subroutines, Signatures, Modules

Tablet 8: Objects, Classes, Roles

Tablet 9: Regex, Rules and Grammars

Tablet 10: Metaprogramming (Macros, DSL)

Appendix A: Index (all ops, builtins, methods and it terms, alphabetically ordered)

Appendix B: Tables, short reference (cheat sheets ans summary tables)

Appendix C: Cookbook (chunks of everyday Perl 5, translated into idiomatic Perl 6)

Appendix D: Perl 5-6 Delta

Appendix E: Appetizer, best of tour

Appendix F: Links

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