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This "who is doing what" and "who is interested in what" social-networking page is for *anyone* (including newbies and organizations) doing *anything significant* (including commercial) regarding Perl 6.

* Add your (or their) name below, in alphabetical order (by last name or organization), in the *most relevant* section (or sections). Create a new section if a suitable section doesn't exist.
* Link the name to a suitable home page, blog, or whatever, or you can create a new personal page on this wiki to link to (use the same name for the page name).
* Add a few sentences relevant activities, interests, and so on.


^ Perl 6 Donors, Sponsors, and Supporters

This important section expanded enough to get its own page (Yea!): [Perl 6 Donors, Sponsors, and Supporters].

^ The Perl 6 Design Team

Also known as "@Larry", and led by "Larry Wall"<>, our hero and leader, the inventor of Perl. AKA "TimToady" on IRC #perl6 (derives from ""TIMTOWTDI"<>"). He has staked out the perl5-to-perl6 translator as his own project. Overdue for a MacArthur prize, and will deserve a Turing award when Perl 6.0 goes live.

* Nicholas Clark: Perl 5 Pumking. Also see ""People of Perl: Nicholas Clark"<>".
* Will Coleda: The parrot project manager. Has worked on a variety of languages targeting parrot.
* "Damian Conway"<>: He writes the "Exegeses"<>, which explain by example Larry's design documents (the "Apocalypses"<>).
* chromatic: The project secretary, a Parrot developer, and the one who argued for roles for a couple of years until Allison pointed to the traits paper. Also editor at ""<>. Read "chromatic's journal"<>.
* Jerry Gay: Hacks on "Parrot"<>, [Rakudo] Perl 6 and the Parrot Compiler Toolkit (PCT). Read "Jerry's journal"<>.
* "Patrick Michaud"<>: The author of PGE, the Parrot/Perl 6 Grammar engine. He's also the Perl 6 compiler and Parrot pumpking. Read "Patrick's journal"<>. Also see ""People of Perl: Patrick Michaud"<>".
* "Allison Randal"<>: The Parrot architect. Also hacks on the Perl 6 compiler tools. She started the "Synopses"<> with Damian.
* "Hugo van der Sanden"<>: Knows more about Perl 5 internals than any one person should, which helps to make better decisions for Perl 6.
* "Audrey Tang"<>: The primary force behind Pugs, the original Perl 6 compiler implementation in Haskell that targets at least four different backends, including JavaScript. Ended the long "Dark Ages" of compiler-side Perl 6 development. Spread "-Ofun" and commit bits to the masses. Also deserving of a MacArthur prize.
* "Jesse Vincent"<>: The Perl 6 project manager. An expert at the "stick and carrot" approach to open source development.
* Richard Dice: The president of "The Perl Foundation"<>.

^^ The Old Guard

These individuals contributed a great deal, but are no longer serving in their former capacities:

* "Piers Cawley"<>: Former parrot/perl6 summarizer.
* "Simon Cozens"<>: Former parrot pumpking (versions 0.0.1 through 0.0.4).
* "Matt Fowles"<>: Former parrot/perl6 summarizer.
* Ann Barcomb: Former parrot/perl6 summarizer.
* "Steve Fink"<>: Former parrot pumpking (versions 0.0.9 through 0.0.12).
* "Jeff Goff"<>: Former parrot pumpking (versions 0.0.5 to 0.0.8).
* "Luke Palmer"<>: Former Perl 6 language list monitor and co-author of the retroactive Synopses.
* "Chip Salzenberg"<>: Former parrot pumpking and the parrot architect, and a large contributor.
* "Dan Sugalski"<>: Former parrot architect.
* "Leopold Tötsch"<>: Leo was the pumpking for releases 0.0.13 - 0.4.5, and for some time was a larger contributor. Also see ""People of Perl: Leopold Toetsch"<>".
* "Nathan Torkington"<>: Former project manager emeritus.
* "Bryan Warnock"<>: Used to compile the Perl 6 Digest with Simon Cozens. _Yes, "that"<> Warnock._

^ Software Developers

^^ Contributors to "Rakudo Perl 6"[Rakudo]

* "Jeff Horwitz"<>: mod_perl6. "Jeff's blog"<>.
* "Ovid"<> (Curtis Poe): Also see ""People of Perl: Ovid"<>".
* "Jonathan Worthington"<>: Mostly works on the Perl 6 compiler; previously worked on Parrot.

^^ Developers using Perl 6 (and Parrot)

* Darren Duncan: DB-related stuff.
* Stevan Little: "Moose is the new Perl" Moose meta-object system. "Stevan's journal"<>.
* "Bernhard Schmalhofer"<>: Working on Pipp, PHP on Parrot, and Eclectus, Scheme on Parrot.
* [Mark Stosberg]: I'm working on porting CGI::Application to Perl 6 and having fun along the way.

^ Documentation Authors

^^ Perl 6 Wiki Contributers

* [John Beppu]:
* [Herbert Breunung]: Works on the Perl 6 tutorial in this wiki, one in the german wiki and one in $foo perl magazine. He also maintains the online reader bundled with docs: "Perl6::Doc".
* "Andy Lester"<>: Set up the official Perl 6, Parrot, and then Perl 5 wikis. Also runs ""<> and ""<>. "Andy's journal"<>.
* [Conrad Schneiker]: The original instigator of the official Perl 6 wiki (and still offers a $1,000 prize for doing the Perl 6 implementation of it). Added most of the original content, and continues to work on it. Also instigator of the perl.perl6.users newsgroup, and used it to lobby for a Perl 6 earmark donation process for grassroots fundraising. (Many strong Perl 6 and Parrot developers are severely constrained by the time required for survival $work.)
* Aaron Trevena:

^^ Article Authors

* [Adriano Ferreira]: [Perl 6 microarticles]
* Moritz Lenz: Maintainer of the Perl 6 test suite and author of <>, a german site full of small Tutorials. Many of them he translated into english. Perlhints, a script that explaines Perl 6 code is another project of him.
* "Jonathan Worthington"<>: A prolific presentor: <>.

^ Others

* Ask Bjørn Hansen: Set up Perl 6 newsgroups (""<>)
* Andy Lester: Started and maintains "Perlbuzz"<>, which reports frequently about Perl 6 related events.
* Juerd Waalboer: Runs [feather], a Perl 6 development machine, and used to be active in several areas of Perl 6/Pugs.

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