Perl 6
Perl 6 People: Revision 5

  • This list is for anyone doing anything significant regarding Perl 6.
    • Add your (or their) name below, in alphabetical order (by last name), in the most relevant section.
    • Link the name to a suitable home page, blog, or whatever, or you can create a page on this wiki to link to (use the same name for the page name).
    • Add a few sentences relevant activities, interests, and so on.

Perl 6 Design Team

  • Nicholas Clark:
  • Will Coleda:
  • Damian Conway:
  • cromatic: On Perl 6 design team. Editor at Journal.
  • Jerry Gay:
  • Patrick Michaud: Parrot pumpking. Journal
  • Allison Randal: Parrot.
  • Larry Wall: Our hero. Overdue for a McArthur prize.


  • Richard:
  • Jesse:

Developers of Perl 6 (and Parrot)

  • Jeff Horwitz
  • Audry Tang: Started original Perl 6 compiler implementation in Haskell. Ended the Dark Ages of compiler-side Perl 6 development. Spread "-Ofun" and commit bits to the masses. Also overdue for a McArthur prize.
  • Jonathan Worthington:

Perl 6 (and Parrot) Testers


Developers using Perl 6 (and Parrot)

  • Bernhard Schmalhofer: Has been updating PHP on Parrot.
  • Mark Stosberg: I'm working on porting CGI::Application to Perl 6 and having fun along the way.
  • Stevan Little: "Moose is the new Perl" Moose meta-object system. Journal.

Perl 6 Wiki Contributers

  • Herbert Breunung: Working on the Perl 6 tutorial for this wiki.
  • John Beppu:
  • Andy Lester: Set up the official Perl 6, Perl 5, and Parrot wikis. Started Perlbuzz.
  • Conrad Schneiker: The instigator of the perl.perl6.users newsgroup, and instigator of the official Perl 6 Wiki (and $1,000 prize for a Perl 6 version). The increasingly unwieldy perl6.users newsgroup FAQ ultimately morphed into the original content for this wiki, with a lot of help from the people at, who originally put it on their wiki.
  • Aaron Trevena:



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