Perl 6
Perl 6 hackathon targets: Revision 19

These are topics and/or tasks that are likely candidates to be addressed or worked on at the Oslo Perl 6 hackaton 2009. They're here as a list to remind us of (1) important issues we may want to address when we have a gathering of the principals, and (2) ideas for things that we can recruit others to work on.

Rakudo-specific targets

  • Update the development roadmap
  • Review RT tickets, verify that open bugs/tickets have corresponding spectests
  • Ideas/planning for initial module implementations, where hosted, if/how distributed with implementations
  • Update documentation on
  • Create/update FAQ on
  • Update "committer's guide", "release manager's guide", etc. documents
  • Plan for handling .leave
  • Spectest coverage review
  • Fix 'make install' target
  • Planning for laziness and lazy lists
  • Identify critical stumbling blocks for newcomers to Rakudo / Perl 6
  • Clean up handling of True, False, .true, .not, etc.
  • Clean up handling of .Str for some builtin types (Int, Num)
  • qx() workarounds?
  • RT #64810?
  • Fix up capture handling
  • Container autovivification

Perl 6 language targets

(Language design issues that may involve discussions with Larry or proposals to p6l)

  • Handling of take() values, especially in loops
  • Details of infix:<cmp>
  • Do we want want() ?
  • See also perl6 tasks
  • String Range semantics
  • Types nested inside roles
  • access private members of sibling instances

Rakudo things accomplished / decided

  • Fixed some bugs with .hash and .list on match objects (pmichaud)
  • Added IO::Socket (masak, mberends)
  • Lots more parameterized type thingies (jonathan++)
  • Syntax highlighting in Padre

Perl 6 things accomplished / decided

  • is augment lexically scoped? (answer: no, it's a form of monkey patching)
  • review EXPORTALL semantics
  • Clarify enum/boolean stringification semantics
  • Type constraints in arrays 3, 4, 5 <-> Positional[Int] ?
    • (answer -- generally an anonymous array/list doesn't promote to a given constraint)
    • however, there is a "narrowness criteria" for parameterized roles, which jonathan++ has specced (S14) and implemented (Rakudo)
  • Eliminated prefix:<=>, now use .get, .lines.
  • Also eliminated fish term ( =<> ), it's now lines() .
  • Binding doesn't have any "action at a distance" semantics -- tends to work locally
  • "augment" should probably affect existing instances of a type

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