Perl 6
Perl 6 Donations and Fundraising: Revision 9


The purpose of this page is to consolidate information and discussions on Perl 6 and Parrot fundraising, with the aim of greatly increasing financial support for Perl 6 development.

This page is intended to become more general in scope:

  • The initial focus on financial fundraising doesn't preclude soliciting other types of useful resources (such as test hardware).
  • The initial focus on Perl 6 and Parrot doesn't preclude supporting other Perl 6 development efforts (such as Pugs or SMOP).
  • The initial focus on the Perl Foundation doesn't preclude soliciting support for other institutions involved with Perl 6 (such as for Universities).
  • The initial focus on donations doesn't preclude considering other activities that could support Perl 6 development (such as business-related activities).

Donations and fundraising tend to be an unnecessarily contentious issues. Please keep the concurrent version of TIMTOWTDI in mind.

Also of interest: Perl 6 Sponsors and Supporters (Thanks!!).

How to Help Now

The Perl Foundation is the focus of Perl support.

Where to Donate Now

To be determined (see "Pending Fundraising Questions" below).

How to Fundraise Now

To be determined (see "Pending Fundraising Questions" below).

General Fundraising Discussions


This wiki page had its genesis in the following fundraising thead on Perl 6 Users:

That thread had some independent continuations on the language and compiler groups. There were additional off-list discussions, some of which are also reflected here.

Current Status of Perl 6 Fundraising

Pending Fundraising Questions

These questions are presently under consideration by the Perl Foundation (as of 2008-02-24), and this section will be updated in a week or two, when key people are available to respond:

  • What changes are needed for the Perl Foundation to accept earmarked donations for specific Perl 6 projects, tasks, or developers?
  • What will be the process for making such donations?

Additional Fundraising Questions and Suggestions

These questions and suggestions are next in line:

  • Can TPF handle the fundraising pool for funding chromatic for 1 month? (3 people have already offered $500 each, contingent on getting a total of $5,000.)
  • Could TPF set up a Perl 6 sabbatical fund to match donations from businesses or individuals with people able to work for one to six weeks on a specific project?

Fundraising Suggestions

Suggested Task Areas

Specific Proposals

Want to do additional Perl 6 related work, but need financial support? Put your name, proposed task, proposed duration, and proposed amount here.

  • cromatic, critical path Parrot hacking ((copy details from email)), 1 month, $5,000.
  • ...

Fundraising 101

Fundraising Cases for Supporting Perl 6 Development

Generic Case

Independent Software Vender (ISV) Oriented

Hardware Oriented

Open Source Oriented

Academically Oriented

The role of Perl 6, Parrot, and CPAN6 for developing extended multi-language infrastructure, leading to "programming's new Library of Alexandria" and "WikiCPANpedia".


Much academic work in the USA is funded by federal grants....

Futurist Oriented

For extreme-meme futurists:

"Perl 6, the programming language of the technological Singularity."

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