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Perl 6 Articles and Presentations: Revision 73

NOTE: You can also add other sorts of timely reference material here, including links to Perl 6 blog postings, links to web sites with Perl 6 related conference proceedings, Perl 6 related books and book reviews, etc.

If you're looking for ideas to write Perl 6 articles about, you might check out Perl 6 Newsgroup Threads of Interest.

Latest Articles and Presentations

Special searchs for recent articles

The items in this subsection are links to searches (or archives) that return lists of articles (ideally with the most recent articles appearing first).

List of articles and presentations, most recent first

If you're mainly looking for "news-y" and "recent developments" sorts of articles, then you should also check Special searches for recent articles above for more results.

Follow this example's general format for listing items (with the title linked to the item's URL):

Add items here, putting the most recent items first.

Catagorized Articles and Presentations

Grants and Support

Help solicit more of these sorts of grants for Perl 6 and Parrot!

Perl 6 Language Design

Larry Wall's Presentations

Other Items

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Other Languages (relevant to Perl 6)

Perl 6 Topics (micro-articles and more)

External agregators

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