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^^ Welcome to the Official Perl 6 Wiki

This place contains plenty information about the "language"[Learn About Perl 6], "its people"[Perl 6 People], "implemetations"[Implementations] and [documentation]. Most of your urgent questions not already answered might be adressed in the [FAQ].

Many important links and a quick overview can also be found at <>.

Bless all of our "sponsors and supporters"[Perl 6 Donors, Sponsors, and Supporters]. THANK YOU. Please consider becoming one of them.


^^^ Development Status

* For [Rakudo] Perl 6, see [rakudo feature status].
* [What can I do with Perl 6 today?] (Things that you can use or try out now. For example, [November], a wiki in Perl 6.)
* The "weekly Perl 6 design meeting" minutes show up on "Planet Parrot"<> and at ""<> (see headlines at the bottom of this page).
* [When will Perl 6 be released?] (Maybe something by this Christmas, if you and enough other people help out: see [Getting Involved], [Perl 6 Donations and Fundraising], [Perl 6 Donors, Sponsors, and Supporters].)
** [Development Dashboard] (Perl 6 project status and plans.)
** "STATUS file in languages/perl6"<> (Links to the Parrot svn.)
** [State of the Onion] (Larry Wall's yearly Perl status reports, with much humor-infested commentary on Perl 6 design philosophy, processes, and illuminating insights.)
* [DistributionFormat]
* [Summer of Code Ideas]

^^^^ Downloads

* [Download Perl 6] (Yield to temptation!)
* [Download Pugs] (Haskell-based Perl 6 compiler with multiple back ends.)
** "QuickStart"<> (Easy, near-instant gratification — instructions for downloading and running your first [Pugs] program.)
** "Run Perl 6 Now"<> (No download needed: this runs [Pugs] in your browser.)
* Download [Rakudo] (Perl 6 on Parrot.)

^^^ Online Documentation

* "QuickStart"<> (Easy, near-instant gratification for running [Pugs].)
** [Perl 6 microarticles] (The "Yet another Perl 6 operator" YAP6 series and more.)
* [Perl 6 Newsgroup Threads of Interest] (Stuff that may not yet be well-known or well-documented elsewhere yet.)
* [Larry Wall's Talks] design theory and other forms of ingenius pramatism, plus the [State of the Onion] series.)
* [Roadmap to helping with Development] (a from the ground up Windows Vista based guide on how to help)

^^^ Products and Services

* [Perl 6 Books and Media] (Both existing and planned.)
* [Perl 6 Marketplace] (Products, services, jobs, and so on.)

^^^ Other Information

* [Mail Lists, IRC, Archives] (Developer and user hotlines, plus logs and archives as well as more "teen dating advice"<>.)
* [Getting Involved] (Help hack on Perl 6, or write new test cases, or work on docs.)
* [Related Projects] (CPAN6, PITA, and more.)
* [Perl 6 Donations and Fundraising] (Help hack on the Perl 6 ecosystem.)

^^^ Perl 6 News Outlets

* [Perl 6 Articles and Presentations] lists recent (and historical) articles, presentations, and blog posts of interest.
* "Perl 6 and Parrot links"<> accumulates links to major Perl 6 and Parrot news items ( wiki).
* "The Perl Review"<> is published quarterly (both in print and PDF).

^^ Latest "Planet Perl 6" and "Rakudo" (Perl 6 on Parrot) Headlines

* For even more news, browse the [Perl 6 RSS News Feeds and Headlines].

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^^^ About This Wiki

* [About This Wiki] (License and other info.)
* [Quick Start] (How you can work on this Wiki.)
* "What Goes On This Wiki?"{link: [About This Website] What Goes On This Wiki?}
* "What Does Not Go On This Wiki?"{link: [About This Website] What Does Not Go On This Wiki?}
* [Content Wanted] (More, more, more, and still more.)
* [Discuss this website] (Posting to perl6.users is more likely to get useful attention.)


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