Perl 6
Perl 6: Revision 171
^^ Welcome to the Official Perl 6 Wiki and Home Page

(Also see the "Official Parrot Wiki"<> and the "Official Perl 5 Wiki"<>.)

*Perl 6 is the "Super-Perl" successor of Perl 5:*

* "We're really serious about reinventing everything that needs reinventing." — Larry Wall (2000).
* "The Perl 6 design process is about keeping what works in Perl 5, fixing what doesn't, and adding what's missing. That means there will be a few fundamental changes to the language, a large number of extensions to existing features, and a handful of completely new ideas. These modifications, enhancements, and innovations will work together to make the future Perl even more insanely great...." — Damian Conway (2003).
* "Perl 6 and Parrot have some extremely ambitious goals, and it’s my belief that the value and impact of our hard work and patience is going to play out for a very long time — that is, over at least many decades." — Patrick Michaud (2006).

*If you ...*

* are curious, read "What is Perl 6?"<>, [Learn About Perl 6], and [The Long Perl 6 Super-Feature List].
* want to learn abou Perl 6 in general, explore the [Documentation].
* want to help Perl 6 be released faster, read about [Getting Involved].
* want to talk to developers about Perl 6, read [Mail Lists, IRC, Archives] about IRC channel #perl6.
* want to read the latest Perl 6 news, see the {link: Perl 6 News} section below.

*This Wiki is organized into these sections:*

* Introduction
** [Learn About Perl 6] (What it is, articles, anti-FUD, etc.)
** [The Long Perl 6 Super-Feature List] (Perl 6++! "All Your Paradigms Are Belong To Us." :-)
** "Run Perl 6 Now"<> (_Play with Perl 6 in your browser, right now! No installation needed._ Based on Pugs.)
** [Glossary of Perl 6 Terms and Jargon] ("-Ofun", IRC and newsgroup slang, "Perl 6" versus "perl6".)
** [Larry Wall's Talks] (Postmodern design theory and other forms of ingenius pramatism.)
** [Perl 6 Articles and Presentations] (The pace is definitely picking up.)
* Status
** [What Can I do with Perl 6 Today] (Also see "Run Perl 6 Now"<>.)
** The "weekly Perl 6 design meeting" minutes are posted to "chromatic's journal"<>, and then show up on "Planet Parrot"<>.
** [When will Perl 6 be released?] (Maybe something by this Christmas, if you and enough other people help out: see [Getting Involved].)
*** [Development Dashboard] (Perl 6 project status and plans.)
*** "STATUS file in languages/perl6"<> (Links to the Parrot svn.)
*** [State of the Onion] (Larry Wall's yearly Perl status reports, with much humor-infested commentary on Perl 6 design philosophy, processes, and illuminating insights.)
** [Perl 6 implementations] ("TMTOWTDI"<>!)
*** [Pugs] (Perl 6 compiler implemented in Haskell.)
**** [KindaPerl6] (A bootstrapping Perl 6 compiler with multiple emitter backends.)
*** [Rakudo] (Perl 6 on Parrot; [Parrot] is a virtual machine for dynamic languages, especially including Perl 6.)
*** [Perl 6 for Perl 5] (Including Perl 5.10, Perl 6-ish modules, etc.)
*** [SMOP] (Simplistic Meta Object Programming / Small Matter Of Programming: a non-VM C runtime engine for running Perl 6.)
** [Perl 6 People] (Who is doing what, who is interested in what, potential collaborators, etc.)
* [Documentation] (Current synopses, cookbook, Perl 6 code examples and test suites, etc.)
** "The Official Documents that describe Perl 6"<> (Mostly developer-oriented specification documents.)
** [Perl Table] (Soon-to-be the big, all-in-one tutorial with index, tables, and comparisons.)
** "FAQ"<> (Another great resource.)
** "QuickStart"<> (Easy, near-instant gratification.)
** "Introduction to Perl 6"<> (Course slides with many examples; a work-in-progress.)
** [Perl 6 microarticles]
** "Installable Perl 6 Docs"<> (A CPAN module of the P6 docs.)
** [FUD] (Some non-ballistic responses.)
* Additional information
** [Mail Lists, IRC, Archives] (Developer and user hotlines, plus logs and archives.)
** [Getting Involved] (Help hack Perl 6, or write new test cases, or work on docs.)
** [Related Projects] (CPAN6, PITA, and more.)
* [Download Perl 6] (Yield to temptation!)
** [Download Pugs]
** Download [Rakudo] (Perl 6 on Parrot.)
* [About This Wiki] (License and other info.)
** "Wiki 101"{link: [About This Website] Wiki 101}
** "What Goes On This Wiki?"{link: [About This Website] What Goes On This Wiki?}
** "What Does Not Go On This Wiki?"{link: [About This Website] What Does Not Go On This Wiki?}
** [Content Wanted] (More, more, more, and still more.)
** [Discuss this website] (Posting to perl6.users is more likely to get useful attention.)


^^ Perl 6 News

* "The Perl Foundation"<> announces Perl 6 grants, etc.
* ""<> often carries Perl 6 articles.
* "Perlbuzz"<> often carries Perl 6 news.
* "The Perl Review"<> is published quarterly (both in print and PDF).
* "Planet Parrot"<> aggregates many Parrot blogs (and carries the weekly Perl 6 Design Meeting minutes).
* "Planet Perl Six"<> aggregates many Perl 6 blogs; see latest contents below:


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