Perl 6
Perl 6: Revision 114
^^ Welcome to the home page for Perl 6

Perl 6 is the insanely great next version of the Perl programming language:

* If you are curious, you can read about "what is Perl 6"<>.
* If you want to learn Perl 6, please feel free to explore the [Documentation].
* If you want to help Perl 6 be released faster, please read about [Getting Involved].
* If you want to talk to people about Perl 6, hop on to the IRC channel #perl6 and ask any questions.
* If you want to read the latest about Perl 6, see the Perl 6 News section below.

This Wiki is organized into the following sections:

* [Learn About Perl 6] (What it is, articles, anti-FUD, etc.)
** [The Long Perl 6 Super-Feature List] (Perl 6++!)
* [Download Perl 6] (Yield to temptation!)
* [Documentation] (Current synopses, cookbook, examples, etc.)
** "The Official Documents that describe Perl 6"<>
** "All in one Tutorial"[Tutorial] (with Index, Tables and Comparsions)
** [Glossary of Perl 6 Terms and Jargon] (IRC and newsgroup slang, Perl 6 vs perl6.)
** "FAQ"<> (Another great resource.)
** "QuickStart"<> (Easy, near-instant gratification.)
** "Introduction to Perl 6"<> (Course slides with many examples; a work-in-progress.)
* [Mail Lists, IRC, Archives] (Developer and user hotlines, plus logs.)
* [Perl 6 for Perl 5] (Including Perl 5.10, Perl 6-ish modules, etc.)
* [Getting Involved] (Help hack Perl 6, or write new test cases, or work on docs.)
* [Related Projects] (Parrot of course, CPAN6, and more.)
* [About This Website] (License. See Wiki 101 and help add content.)
** [Content Wanted] (More, more, more, and still more.)
** [Discuss this website]


^^ Perl 6 News


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