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  • There is a Parrot workspace as well.
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What is Perl 6?

What is Perl 6? Perl 6 is an extensively refactored, super-modernized, and ultra-supercharged derivative of Perl 5. Simple things will still be simple to do, but you'll have enormously more "programming leverage" available for tackling challenging tasks. Chromatic has written a good introductory article on why Perl 6 is needed, and what it is. Also see Juerd's Refuting Perl6 Myths. (A slight correction to Juerd's slides: it is Perl 5.10 that will have many Perl 6 features you can start using. These will be in which is currently part of the Perl 5.9 developer branch.)

See The Long Perl 6 Super-Feature List.

Other answers:

  • Larry Wall (2006): Perhaps the Perl 6 slogan should be "All Your Paradigms Are Belong To Us". We'll get to that.
  • Damian Conway (2003): The Perl 6 design process is about keeping what works in Perl 5, fixing what doesn't, and adding what's missing. That means there will be a few fundamental changes to the language, a large number of extensions to existing features, and a handful of completely new ideas. These modifications, enhancements, and innovations will work together to make the future Perl even more insanely great -- without, we hope, making it even more greatly insane.
  • Perl 6 is still under construction. So don't make critical plans that depend on it just yet. However, please see other sections below about intermediate Perl 6-related solutions you can use now (or soon, as in Perl 5.10, which will feature several Perl 6 features).
  • Crazy (in a good way)
  • Perl 5 : Swiss Army Chain Saw == Perl 6 : Swiss Army T-X Terminator (on the side of humans in this case)
  • ....

What are people doing with Perl 6?

  • PITA - The Perl Image Testing Architecture (
  • Darren Duncan's work on a Perl 6 Relation type (as in relational algebra and data structures).
  • ....

General Perl 6 News

Perl 6 Mailing Lists

You can access the mailing lists in several ways (we use perl.perl6.users as an example below, make appropriate substitutions for other cases) :

General Perl 6 Information

  • Official Perl 6 Documentation Page (Which means, documentation that is officially bundled with Perl 6 builds.) (on feather, a Perl 6 development server)
  • Perl6 Community Development Server (on feather, a Perl 6 development server)
  • Perl's Official Home Page (at
  • Perl 6 Synopses (This is the official Perl 6 specification, which supersedes the apocalypses and exegeses, and which is bundled with Perl 6 builds. The rapidly growing Perl 6 test base is another {very important, complementary, and emerging} part of the Perl 6 specification as well.)
  • Perl 6 Development Info. (at
  • #perl6 IRC logs (Where many Perl 6 compiler and module developers hang out; Larry Wall is 'TimToady'.)
  • Another Perl 6 Wiki (For a long time, the Perl 6 Wiki at was the best general introduction to Perl 6, and a great point of departure to other Perl 6 resources around the web.)
  • Perl 6 Users FAQ (The initial large batch of text and links on this Wiki originally came from this FAQ on the Perl 6 Wiki. The folks there deserve much thanks for "Wikifying" my original ugly ASCII Perl 6 Users FAQ, which was developed at the inaguration of perl.perl6.users.)

Wiki 101

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  • Visit Recent Changes every once in a while to see what's new, and see Socialtext Documentation for tips to use this Workspace.
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