Perl 6
Perl 6: Revision 21

Welcome to the Perl 6 Workspace

This is the home page for Perl 6.

There is a Parrot workspace as well.

Please feel free to add or modify pages -- even this one -- as you see fit. That's the idea of a Workspace.

What is Perl 6?

Larry Wall (c.2006): "Perhaps the Perl 6 slogan should be "All Your
Paradigms Are Belong To Us". We'll get to that."

Perl 6 is:

  • Crazy (in a good way)
  • Perl 5 : Swiss Army Chain Saw == Perl 6 : Swiss Army T-X Terminator (on the side of humans in this case)
  • ...

What are people doing with Perl 6?

  • this
  • that
  • the other

General Perl 6 News

Planet Perl 6 blog aggregrator (The best general news source for Perl 6. It would be very helpful if others selectively copied the most useful information from this great resource into appropriate sections of this wiki.)

Planet Parrot blog aggregator

Perl 6 Mailing Lists

perl.perl6.users mail list archives


General Perl 6 Information

Official Perl 6 Documentation Page (Which means, documentation that is officially bundled with Perl 6 builds.) (on feather, a Perl 6 development server)

Perl6 Community Development Server (on feather, a Perl 6 development server)

Perl's Official Home Page (at

Perl 6 Synopses (This is the official Perl 6 specification, which supersedes the apocalypses and exegeses, and which is bundled with Perl 6 builds. The rapidly growing Perl 6 test base is another {very important, complementary, and emerging} part of the Perl 6 specification as well.)

Perl 6 Development Info. (at

#perl6 IRC logs (Where many Perl 6 compiler and module developers hang out; Larry Wall is 'TimToady'.)

Another Perl 6 Wiki (at

User-Oriented Perl 6 Information

Perl 6 Users FAQ (Many of the original links on this wiki came from here. Much more remains to be migrated.)

Wiki 101

  • If you'd like an introductory tour of the Socialtext Workspace, start here.
  • Visit Recent Changes every once in a while to see what's new, and see Socialtext Documentation for tips to use this Workspace.
  • Make links by putting words or phrases in square brackets. Click on Edit This Page to see some examples.

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