Perl 6
perl6 tasks: Revision 23
This page used to contain Rakudo-specific items. That content is now "here."<>

Now this page contains Perl6-generic TODO items. That means, mostly, places where the established Synopsis could be made more explicit, and larger tasks involving the DRAFT synopsis.

^^ Established Synopsis (non-draft) TODO

* all spec: .iterator versus .Iterator
* S02 "radix literals"<> elaborate "default radix" behavior.
** is the :16(0b0) :16(0d0) peculiar to :16, or generic behavior if number is legal in the "default" radix e.g. :12(0b0)?
** does the statement about "default radix" apply only to :16(...) or also :16<...>?
** maybe worth elaborating what :N[0xdeadbeef] would do under "decimal" restriction
*** ...or relaxing that restriction
*** ...and perhaps making clear whether :N[4,$x] is legal and thus it's functional like :N(...)
* S03 zip and "parallel array traversal"<>
** see S07 section below WRT .eoi
** Probably no reason why it should not take single Iterators as well as lists and DWIM
*** that is zip((1,2,3);$iterator) should probably interleave (1,2,3) with $iterator.get results
*** but still treat zip((1,2,3); ($iterator,"foo","bar")) as (1,$iterator;2,"foo";3,"bar)
** The intent is probably that zip stops before calling .get on any Iterator for this pass when any .eoi != False
*** This needs to be clear in spec
*** This requires peekability of both .eoi == True and .eoi == Inf
*** Behavior when .eoi == undef ("may terminate, cannot tell") needs to be explicit
*** Or we could drop the specification that infinite lists are detected/aborted
**** we allow other things to be infinite, why not zip?
** Is the Iterator or the zip/operator code responsible for implementing (...,*) repeating last element?
* S04 "gather/take"<>
** Define behavior of nested gather/takes
*** Is there caller.take and context(...).take "as per .leave"<>
*** Can you label gathers and use LABEL.take
* S09 "Compact Structures"<>
** Define packing behavior of class A is int8 { has $.b int8 }; my @a of A;
** Define packing behavior of class A is B is C ....
*** Define packing behavior in the "Diamond Problem"<> case ("see also"<>)
** Define packing/data storage behavior for extra attributes added with run-time class composition
* S12 Disambiguate second sentence in "line 69"<>
* S12 Clear up "declaration's scope" in "line 82"<> (e.g. not the has/our in decl)
* S12 Can := be used in attribute pseudo-assignment?

^^ DRAFT Synopsis

* (in progress) split up S32
* S32/* review prototypes esp WRT return types
** lots of Int/Str where maybe should be Any
** perhaps some missing return type variants e.g. List push/unshift (for feeds)
** needs attention from someone who has followed p6l closely
* S07 carefully decide whether generic item iterator "flattens" like the generic array iterator
* S07 Should probably implement .eoi to peek Iterator
* S07 Need way to test for Iterators known to never normally terminate (for zip)
** suggest .eoi be allowed to return Inf to indicate this

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