Perl 6
Mail Lists, IRC, Archives: Revision 10
^^^ Perl 6 Mailing Lists and Archives

The currently active Perl 6 mailing lists are at (<>) and Google Groups (<>) under these names:

* "perl.perl6.users"<> # For users of (versus developers of) Perl 6.
* "perl.perl6.internals"<> # Discussion and bug/patch-tracking (via RT) of Parrot.
* "perl.perl6.language"<> # SVN commit notices to the Synopses and discussion of language features.
* "perl.perl6.compiler"<> # Discussion of Perl 6 Implementations, including Perl 6 on Parrot.
* "perl.perl6.announce"<>

You may also want to check out [Perl 6 Newsgroup Threads of Interest], which pertains to the above mailing lists.

(Note: since Google Groups mirrors these lists, there used to be some sort of problem with posts to these groups through Google not being seen by the subscribers to the underlying mail lists, meaning most people never saw the post in real time. Please update this note if that's changed. Keep in mind that Google Groups is still a fantastic resource for searching perl.perl6.* archives, and for reading threads on the web.)

You can also get these list by email; see (<> for details (and make appropriate substitutions on "-users" for other groups).

You can access the mailing lists in several ways (we use perl.perl6.users as an example below, make appropriate substitutions for the other cases):

* Subscribe by emailing
* Access the news feed by pointing your news reader to: (news:// Need a decent Windows newsreader? "Mozilla's Thunderbird"<> works for me.
* We're also available at Google Groups perl.perl6.users (<>). Note: for some historical reason, there used to be an issue with mirroring posts sent from a Google Groups subscription (versus the normal process of emailing directly to a previously-subscribed newsgroup), which meant that some newbie posts weren't seen by old-timers. If you post from a Google Groups subscription, check the archives later to make sure that your post got to everyone.
* We're also available at Gmane, but as *.user, without the final "s" (<>), and there is a corresponding archive at (<>).
* Subject lines of mailing list posts with a link to each post can be found in the perl.perl6.users mail list archives (<>).
* There is also a "RSS feed"<>.

^^^ Perl 6 IRC Channels

IRC channels (and their archives) are a major source of useful information. NOTE: Please don't unthinkingly interrupt and pester the developers of Perl 6 with questions that you can just as well ask on perl.perl6.users, which they and others can then later answer at their convenience. (As always, it's good manners to search Google Groups and to check archival logs before posting questions.)

* The "#perl6"<irc://> IRC channel is on (<>).
** "Daily logs"<> are available.
* The "#parrot"<irc://> and "#parrotsketch"<irc://> channels are on (<>)
** "Daily logs"<> are also available.
* "TimToady" is Larry Wall's nickname on #perl6. (Derives from ""TIMTOWTDI"<>".)
* Need an IRC client on Windows? Try "Chatzilla"<>, a "Firefox"<> extension.
* Some handy #perl6 "bot-isms":
** ?eval <Perl 6 expression> # Replays with evaluated expression.

> [Buy Wellbutrin] | "Buy Wellbutrin"<> | "Buy Wellbutrin"<>

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