Perl 6
Learn About Perl 6: Revision 39
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This page is for general resources to learn about Perl 6. For the official and other documentation, see the [Documentation] page.

^^^ General Info

* [Perl 6 Executive Summary]
* Learn what Perl 6 is within few, often funny words: [Perl 6 Quotes]. Example: Perl 6 is an extensively refactored, super-modernized, and ultra-supercharged derivative of Perl 5. Simple things will still be simple to do, but you'll have enormously more "syntactic compound leverage" and "semantic overdrive" available for tackling challenging tasks.
* Often asked Questions are hopefully answered in the [FAQ].
* good summaries are:
** "why Perl 6 is needed, and what it is"<>, a good introductory article by [chromatic].
** Also see Juerd's "Refuting Perl 6 Myths"<>. (A slight correction to Juerd's slides: Perl 5.10 has many Perl 6 features you can start using. These are in ""<>.)
* [Project Overview]
* Or visit "Perl 6 subpage on Perl's Official Home Page"<>

^^^ Read about Perl 6

* [Perl 6 RSS News Feeds and Headlines], this pages has also links to all grazed news sources.
* [Articles and Presentations]
** [State of the Onion] (Larry Wall's yearly Perl status reports, with much humor-infested commentary on Perl 6 design philosophy, processes, and illuminating insights.)
** other [Larry Wall's Talks]
* [Perl 6 Books and Media]
** "The Perl Review"<> contains Perl 6 articles and is published quarterly (both in print and PDF).
* [Perl 6 Newsgroup Threads of Interest]

^^^ More Practical

* [Amazing Perl 6], some highlights
* [The Long Perl 6 Super-Feature List]
* [Best Of Perl 6 Tablet]
* [What can I do with Perl 6 today?]
* [Download Perl 6]

^^^ Perl 6 Example code

* Perl 6 examples (<>)
* Perl 6 tests (<>)
* "Perl 6 Community Development Server"<>

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