Perl 6
Learn About Perl 6: Revision 11

This page is for general resources to learn about Perl 6. For the official and other documentation, see the Documentation page.

What is Perl 6?

  • Perl 6 is an extensively refactored, super-modernized, and ultra-supercharged derivative of Perl 5. Simple things will still be simple to do, but you'll have enormously more "syntactic compound leverage" and "semantic overdrive" available for tackling challenging tasks.
  • chromatic has written a good introductory article on why Perl 6 is needed, and what it is.
  • Also see Juerd's Refuting Perl 6 Myths. (A slight correction to Juerd's slides: it is Perl 5.10 that will have many Perl 6 features you can start using. These will be in, which is currently part of the Perl 5.9 developer branch.)
  • See the documentation section below for much more information.

The Long Perl 6 Super-Feature List

  • The Long Perl 6 Super-Feature List This list was moved to its own page so that there would be plenty of room for people at add additional explanations of what these features are, and to explain why they are Very Good Things (tm).

More Answers (in terms of design objectives)

  • Damian Conway (2003): The Perl 6 design process is about keeping what works in Perl 5, fixing what doesn't, and adding what's missing. That means there will be a few fundamental changes to the language, a large number of extensions to existing features, and a handful of completely new ideas. These modifications, enhancements, and innovations will work together to make the future Perl even more insanely great — without, we hope, making it even more greatly insane.
  • Larry Wall (2006): Perhaps the Perl 6 slogan should be "All Your Paradigms Are Belong To Us". We'll get to that.
  • Larry Wall (2008): In ecological terms, I hope Perl 6 will have a very wide gene pool.

Some design influences on Perl 6

Perl 6 News

Articles on Perl 6

Perl 6 Example code--

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