Perl 6
Getting Involved: Revision 36
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^ Introduction

See "Getting Involved with Perl 6 - an Update"<> by moritz.

^ Hacking on Perl 6 {Code, Tests, or Docs}

^^ Hacking on the VM (Parrot)

See the "Official Parrot Wiki"<> section on "Contributing to parrot".

^^ Hacking on the compiler and related tasks

If you haven't already, [Download Perl 6] to prepare. The "Perl 6 Community Development Server"<> provides free accounts for Perl 6 development.

^^^ Reading material for Pugs hackers

Besides these links, the Pugs distribution also provides README, `READTHEM` and `READTOO`.

* "Pugs Apocryphon 1"<> Overview of the Pugs project.
* "Doing Pugs-related development: Getting Started with Perl 6"<>.
* "A Peek Into Pugs Internals"<>
* "German language notes about compiling Pugs"<>

^^^ General Perl 6 tasks

A running list of tasks is kept at ""<>. It's a catch-all list so something on it is bound to match your skill set!

The precursor TASKS list is "in the repo"<>. This document is kept for posterity but is not maintained.

A specific test to help with is [Smart Linking].

^^^ Hacking on Rakudo

[Rakudo Hacking] - Information for hacking and contributing to Rakudo

Patches for updates to Rakudo should be sent to with {{[PATCH]}} in the subject.

You can then see all patches (and others) on "Perlbug"<[PATCH]%27%20)> or just "not-yet-applied patches"<|ASC|ASC|ASC&Query=%20%20(%20%20Queue%20%3D%20%27perl6%27%20)%20AND%20%20(%20%20Subject%20LIKE%20%27[PATCH]%27%20)%20AND%20%20(%20%20Status%20%3D%20%27new%27%20OR%20Status%20%3D%20%27open%27%20)&Rows=100&OrderBy=Created|||&Page=1&Format=%27%20%20%20%3Cb%3E%3Ca%20href%3D%22%2Frt3%2FTicket%2FDisplay.html%3Fid%3D__id__%22%3E__id__%3C%2Fa%3E%3C%2Fb%3E%2FTITLE%3A%23%27%2C%0A%27%3Cb%3E%3Ca%20href%3D%22%2Frt3%2FTicket%2FDisplay.html%3Fid%3D__id__%22%3E__Subject__%3C%2Fa%3E%3C%2Fb%3E%2FTITLE%3ASubject%27%2C%0A%27__Status__%27%2C%0A%27__QueueName__%27%2C%0A%27__OwnerName__%27%2C%0A%27__Priority__%27%2C%0A%27__NEWLINE__%27%2C%0A%27%27%2C%0A%27%3Csmall%3E__Requestors__%3C%2Fsmall%3E%27%2C%0A%27%3Csmall%3E__CreatedRelative__%3C%2Fsmall%3E%27%2C%0A%27%3Csmall%3E__ToldRelative__%3C%2Fsmall%3E%27%2C%0A%27%3Csmall%3E__LastUpdatedRelative__%3C%2Fsmall%3E%27%2C%0A%27%3Csmall%3E__TimeLeft__%3C%2Fsmall%3E%27>

^^^^ Rakudo Links

* "HTMLified Tests"<>
* "Graph of Current Test Progress"<>
* "#perl6 IRC Log"<>

^^^ Perl 6 tasks for Perl 6 programmers

[Preludification Candidates] discusses parts of Perl 6 that can be written in Perl 6.

There's also plenty to do related to the test suite, which is written in Perl 6. The *most urgent need now* is [test suite refactoring].
See "t/TASKS"<> for other work to do there.

You might also be interested to "Start Your Own Perl 6 Module"[How to Start a Perl 6 module project], or work one of the existing ones. (You might also want to check out [CPAN6].)

"Twenty or so of the 99Problems"<> series remain "unsolved" in perl6. Try coding a perl6 solution, express the solution as a test, and add to t/spec/integration/ in the test suite (see [test suite refactoring]). Use the "existing solutions"<> as guidance. If you have a solution, but do not have a comit bit for the pugs repository, try posting the solution on perl6-users list.

^^^ Hacking the Perl 6 docs

In general, official docs are stored in `docs/Perl6` and `docs/Pugs` in POD format, and they are fair game to improve directly. The exception is most of the documents in `docs/Perl6/Spec` which is the official Perl 6 specification. Improvements to the official spec should be suggested to the "perl6-language list"[Mail Lists, IRC, Archives].

* The "README"<> for would-be Pugs documentation contributors
* "The evil plan"<>. This mentions many things you can do to help out with docs, although it is a bit dated.
* A current task that needs help with filling out the "Spec for IPC, IO and Signals"<>. As a starting point, a lot of functions could just use the official Perl 5 docs copy/pasted in.
* "Perl 6 Tables"<> All in one Tutorial, linked and indexed. (English version just started.) It always needs help: write chapters, updates, fix typos.
* A central place for relevant introductions, tutorials, specifications is the Perl6::Doc Module, which also installs the p6doc commandline viewer; expect to see more content here in the near future.:
** (<>),
** (<>).

^ Fundraising and networking

* Anything you could do in the way of [Perl 6 Donations and Fundraising] and soliciting $$$ to support Perl 6 and Parrot development would be wonderful.

* See [Perl 6 Donors, Sponsors, and Supporters]. Become one! Find one! Thanks!!

* Every year, people, companies, "professionals"<> and foundations give numerous multi-million donations to universities for new buildings, new faculty, and so on. Perl 6 is at least as important, and will have far greater ultimate techno-economic leverage in the great majority of cases. (Also, don't just think about Perl 6.0 — you want to establish major momentum to carry on through Perl 6.2, Perl 6.4, and so on — including the production of a growing series of CPAN6 power modules.)

^ Work on this wiki

See [About This Wiki].

^ Donate computers for test and development systems

Anything reasonable would probably be helpful somewhere.

* There's a shortage of Windows PCs for Parrot testing at the moment (see "What You Test Changes How You Test"<>).
* When you donate equipment, be sure to update [Perl 6 Donors, Sponsors, and Supporters].

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