Perl 6
Getting Involved: Revision 4
^^^ Hacking on Perl 6 code

If you haven't already, [Download Perl 6] to prepare.
The "Perl 6 Community Development Server"<> provides free accounts for Perl 6 development.

^^^^ Reading Material for Pugs Hackers

Besides these links, the Pugs distribution also provides README, `READTHEM` and `READTOO`.

* "Pugs Apocryphon 1"<> Overview of the Pugs project.
* "Doing Pugs-related development"<>.
* "A Peek Into Pugs Internals"<>
* "German language notes about compiling Pugs"<>

^^^^ General Perl 6 Tasks

A running list of tasks to work in kept in the repo at "TASKS"<>. It's a catch-all list. Something on it is bound to match your skill set!

^^^^ Perl 6 Tasks for Perl 6 programmers

[Preludification Candidates] discusses parts of Perl 6 that can be written in Perl 6.

There's also plenty to do related to the test suite, which is written in Perl 6. See "t/TASKS"<> for work to do there.

Also, scan through the "Synopsis which is cross linked with the test suite"<>. Look for sections of the spec that don't mention test scripts. These means there is a either a test script without a smart link, or no tests have been written. (t/TASKS explains about smart links and much more!)

^^^ Hacking the Perl 6 docs

In general, offical docs are stored in `docs/Perl6` and `docs/Pugs` in POD format, and they are fair game to improve directly. The exception is most of the documents in `docs/Perl6/Spec` which is the official Perl 6 specification. Improvements to the official spec should be suggested to the "perl6-language list"[Mail Lists, IRC, Archives].

* The "README"<> for would-be Pugs documentation contributors
* "The evil plan"<>. This mentions many things you can do to help out with docs, although it is a bit dated.
* This plan is still current AFAIK: "Perl 6 developers are refactoring relevant introductions, tutorials, specifications into the Perl6::Doc namespace; expect to see this module subsumed by it in the near future.":
** (<>),
** (<>).

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