Perl 6
FUD: Revision 4
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^ Introduction

The purpose of this page is to help respond to FUD about Perl 6:

* We want to provide a single place (i.e. here) that people can refer/link to when responding to FUD.
* We want to wants to aggregate all the Q&A that's been written out there, and collect new material as it appears.

^^ Guidelines for Responding to FUD

When responding to FUD, keep these things in mind:

* Be reasonable — don't be an anti-FUD Nazi:
** Some FUD is appropriate and legitimate.
*** There have been much longer delays than expected.
*** Perl 6 is still a very much early-stage work-in-progress.
** Don't label all unfavorable remarks and opinions as FUD (in the sense of deliberately deceptive and malicious corporate or political spin). That's a needlessly provocative form of name-calling, so don't be a moron. :-)
* Be civil:
** Avoid arguing (i.e. trying to get someone to change their mind and agree with you). That's almost always a lousy marketing tactic. Just present interesting information and leave it at that.
** Don't confuse anti-FUD with evangalism. Don't try to convert nay-sayers into Perl 6 fans.


^ General Resources and References

* man Perl6::FAQ::FUD (<>)
* "A Perl 6 status update" (2007-12-09) and debate-by-comment ("ttp://"<>)

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