Perl 6
Download Pugs: Revision 3

Building Pugs from Source

Building Pugs from source is recommended if possible, because the implementation is still improving rapidly. To build pugs from the source, you will need at least the following installed:

  • A Subversion client
  • GHC 6.6.1, the Haskell compiler. On Debian/Ubuntu, get ghc6 from "Lenny" or "Gutsy", respectively, or build from source (There are no current backports for Sarge, Etch, Dapper, Edgy, or Feisty). On Mac OS X, use MacPorts and 'port install ghc'.
  • Perl5

With that foundation, you can follow these steps to end up with a "pugs" binary:

    # Fetch latest Pugs from Subversion repository
    $ svn co pugs
    $ cd pugs

    # review build options controlled by env variables

    # Configure Pugs
    $ perl Makefile.PL

    # Compile Pugs
    # use 'make soon' instead of 'make' if you want a faster compilation and are not interested in measuring performance maxima.
    $ make

See the included README file for further instructions.

Since Pugs is still in flux, you may want to consider an alternative to using "make install". Create symbolic links in your local "bin" directory to key files in the pugs distribution. This allows you to run the binaries easily, while leaving everything pugs related in the pugs source tree:

 ln -s /home/markstos/pugs/pugs /home/markstos/bin/
 ln -s /home/markstos/pugs/util/prove6 /home/markstos/bin/

prove6 is like "prove" for Perl 6.

Binary Builds of Pugs

Binary builds are the easiest get started with, but may not be as up to date as building from source.

Run Pugs in your Web Browser

A web terminal for Pugs is available at You can choose between the latest release or latest development snapshot.

Accessing Pugs Remotely

Another option is to use a pugs a remote machine. If you just want to try out a line or two, you can use the "evalbot" on "the #perl6 IRC channel"<Mail Lists, IRC, Archives>. The syntax is just:

?eval say "hello!"

If you plan to contribute to Perl 6, you can see about getting a free account on Feather, the
Perl Community Development Server. There, a fresh version of Pugs is built
every 10 minutes!

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