Perl 6
Documentation: Revision 10
^^ General docs

* [Glossary of Perl 6 Terms and Jargon]
* *_Official_* Perl 6 Documentation
** "Perl 6 Synopses"<> (This is the official Perl 6 specification, which supersedes the apocalypses and exegeses, and which is bundled with Perl 6 builds. The rapidly growing Perl 6 test base is another {very important, complementary, and emerging} part of the Perl 6 specification as well.)
** Other copies of the synopses: (has anchors for line numbers, eg "s09:1161"<>); (the source)
** The synopses can be googled with the search box at the top of .
** Perl 6 Docs (<>)
** Perl 6 Cookbook (<>)
** Perl 6 examples (<>)
** Perl 6 tests, which can serve as additional examples (<>)
** Perl 6 FAQ, very limited, but has sections on captures and FUD (<>)
* _*Other*_ Perl 6 Documentation
** Most of the information on getting started can be found on this "getting started"<> page. You may also find the following links useful:
*** Debian Linux (guide in "English"<>, "German"<>).
*** "Ubuntu Linux"<>.
** "Perl's Official Home Page"<> (at
*** Perl 6 Development Info (<>)
*** Perl 6 FAQ, a bit dated (<>)
*** Who's Who in Perl 6, parrot, and Pugs: [Perl 6 People]
** [Perl Table] (An all in one tutorial; a translation of "this German Tutorial"<>.)
** "Another Perl 6 Wiki"<> (For a long time, the Perl 6 Wiki at was the best general introduction to Perl 6, and was a great point of departure to other Perl 6 resources around the web. It's still worth checking out.)
** "Perl 6 Users FAQ"<> (The initial large batch of text and links on this Wiki originally came from this FAQ. The folks there deserve much thanks for "Wikifying" my original ugly ASCII Perl 6 Users FAQ, which was compiled for the inaguration of perl.perl6.users.)
** [State of the Onion] (Larry Wall's yearly Perl status reports, with much humor-infested commentary on Perl 6 design philosophy, processes, and illuminating insights.)
** Russian language "Perl 6 website"<>.
* Perl 6 Community Development Server (<>)

^^ Diagnostics

* [Pugs Diagnostics] documents diagnostic messages generated by Pugs

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