Perl 6
CPAN6: Revision 7
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^^ CPAN6, the Comprehensive Programming Archive Network

^^^ What is CPAN6?

CPAN6 is designed to be the follow-up of "CPAN"<>, Perl5's module archive, as a way to distribute released material.

* "TIMTOWTDI"<> also applies to languages, such as the family of "Parrot"<>-hosted languages, which includes "Rakudo Perl 6"<>.
* This will eventually help expand CPAN6 into an even more awesome language-interoperable multilingual archive, amounting to the modern-day "Great Programming Library of Alexandria Network". (GPLAN perhaps?).

The main *differences* between CPAN and CPAN6 are:

* it creates any amount of archives and helps you maintain them, where CPAN is only one archive,
* it is not limited to perl5 use—it can be used for any collection of data,
* it adds trust in publisher and security during transport, and
* it keeps track on license and copyright issues.

Other notable CPAN6 features:

* CPAN6 handles bundles of archives.
* It can be used to simplify the administrative tasks of ftp-server maintainers.
* It can be used to organize internal software distribution for companies and other organization.

^^^ Development

* CPAN6 Project home page: (<>).

^^^ Status

* CPAN6 was launched during YAPC::EU 2006, and an initial demo shown at YAPC::EU 2007.
* CPAN6 components are getting released,
** XML::Compile, and strict XML-Schema processor
** XML::Compile::SOAP, a SOAP::Lite replacement
** XML::Compile::SOAP::Daemon, a SOAP server
** Log::Report, combining translations with an exception mechamism
** Log::Report::View
* CPAN6 specific modules are not released yet: all time is spend on general purpose components.

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