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* 2008-08-31 "Google Summer of Code Mentor Recap"<> by Moritz Lenz
* 2008-08-27 "Why you don't need the Y combinator in Perl 6"<> by Moritz Lenz
* 2008-08-25 "Recent rakudo news"<> by Patrick R. Michaud
* 2008-08-21 "Recent Perl 6 Developments August 2008"<> by Moritz Lenz
* 2008-08-21 "Blog series: Perl 6 feature show off and Tutorial"<> by Moritz Lenz
* 2008-08-21 "The Mind of Damian Conway: Science, Computer Science, the Future of Perl 6, and Advice for Today's Aspiring Programmers"<> by Kathryn Barrett (interview with transcript and flash video)
* 2008-08-14 "November (A Perl 6 Wiki)"<> by Carl Mäsak and Johan Viklund (YAPC Europe 2008, PDF)
* 2008-08-09 "Lots of Rakudo fixes/enhancements"<> by Jonathan Worthington
* 2008-08-07 "APL (Programming some APL operators in Perl 6)"<> by John M. Dlugosz
* 2008-08-05 "Fixing bugs, and looking at where we're at"<> by Jonathan Worthington
* 2008-08-05 "Multiple Dispatch Design Work"<> by Jonathan Worthington
* 2008-07-31 "Pugs.hs is back"<> by Audrey Tang (Pugs was the first Perl 6 compiler, written in Haskell.)
* 2008-07-30 " is back"<> by fglock ("v6" is a CPAN module that implements a Perl 6 compiler that runs in Perl 5.)
* 2008-07-27 "Building a Huffman Tree With Rakudo"<> by Moritz Lenz
* 2008-07-26 "Class attributes and many fixes"<> by Jonathan Worthington
* 2008-07-23 "Rakudo Perl - Perl 6 on Parrot (OSCON 2008)"<> by Patrick R. Michaud and Jerry Gay
* 2008-07-22 "Larry Wall at OSCON: Open Source as a Parenting Experience"<> James Turner interviews Larry Wall (video)
* 2008-07-19 "Anonymous classes and meta-class stuff"<> by Jonathan Worthington
* 2008-07-14 "What will scientific computing in Perl 6 look like?"<> Thread on Perlmonks
* 2008-07-10 "Enums and the 'but' operator"<> by Jonathan Worthington
* 2008-07-08 "Getting Involved with Perl 6 - an Update"<> by Moritz Lenz (About how *you* can get involved.)
* 2008-07-08 "Signature Objects"<> by Jonathan Worthington
* 2008-07-03 "Lexical Fixes"<> by Jonathan Worthington
* 2008-07-01 "Where's the goal line?"<> by Patrick Michaud
* 2008-07-01 "Rakudo (Perl 6 on Parrot) progress report"<> by Patrick Michaud
* 2008-06-27 "Rakudo Perl now passing over 1000 spectests!"<> by Patrick Michaud
* 2008-06-25 "'make perl6' on OS X"<> by Curtis Poe
* 2008-06-24 "Announcing the Parrot Foundation"<> by Allison Randal
* 2008-06-19 "Mixins, generic routines and enums"<> by Jonathan Worthington
* 2008-06-17 "Rakudo test suite progress"<> by Patrick Michaud
* 2008-06-16 "YAPC::NA -- Parrot Hackathon report #1"<> by Patrick Michaud
* 2008-06-13 "Attributes, Attributes, Attributes!"<> by Jonathan Worthington (Rakudo)
* 2008-06-09 "Stupid Perl 6 Ideas While Sick (actually this is about proper constraint programming in Perl 6)"<> by Ovid
* 2008-06-05 "Ranges, Parameters And Many Fixes"<> by Jonathan Worthington (Rakudo)
* 2008-06-02 "Update on Rakudo test results"<> by Patrick Michaud
* 2008-06-04 "Slides From My Talks"<> by Jonathan Worthington
** "Implementing Perl 6, in Perl 6, on Parrot"<> (PDF)
** "Perl 6 Tutorial"<> (PDF)
** "Understanding Perl 6"<> (PDF)
** "Using Perl 6 And Parrot In Teaching"<> (PDF)
** "All Your Dynamic Languages Are Belong To Us"<> (PDF)
* 2008-05-31 "Another busy week in Rakudo development"<> by Patrick Michaud
* 2008-05-31 "mod_perl6 Registry Scripts"<> by Jeff Horwitz
* 2008-05-30 "Rakudo Hacking and Talks"<> by Jonathan Worthington
* 2008-05-24 "What C's Memory Management Gets Rightish"<> by chromatic (Parrot)
* 2008-05-22 "New features, code, and brainstorms"<> by Patrick Michaud (Rakudo and Parrot)
* 2008-05-17 "Rakudo Hacking: More OO, Captures and Ranges"<> by Jonathan Worthington
* 2008-05-17 "Double-Speed"<> by chromatic (Parrot)
* 2008-05-15 "Catching up on Rakudo changes"<> by Patrick Michaud
** FOSDEM 2008 Presentation
*** "Perl 6"<> (video)
*** "Perl 6"<> (slides)
** Texas Open Source Symposium Talks
*** "An Introduction to Perl 6"<>
*** "Programming Parrot"<>
** April 2008 meeting
*** "Rakudo Perl - Perl 6 on Parrot"<>
* 2008-05-14 "Ian Hague funds Perl 6 development through the Perl Foundation"<> (*Awesome: $200,000!*)
* 2008-05-13 "Going Faster By Doing Less Work"<> by chromatic (Parrot)
* 2008-05-10 "More rakudo and parrot news"<> by Patrick Michaud
* 2008-05-07 "Good Error Messages are Important"<> by chromatic (About Parrot's "Null PMC access in invoke()" error message.)
* 2008-05-06 "Grammars Get Class-Like, And Other Bits"<> by Jonathan Worthington (Rakudo)
* 2008-05-01 "Today's Progress: Object Initialization And Grammar Work"<> by Jonathan Worthington (Rakudo)
* 2008-05-01 "Eclectus now emits Not Quite Perl6"<> by Bernhard Schmalhofer (Eclectus is a Scheme-compiler implemented in Scheme.)
* 2008-05-01 "Various Rakudo Updates"<> by Jonathan Worthington
* 2008-05-29 "Rakudo Perl - Perl 6 on Parrot"<> by Patrick Michaud (Slides from the talk.)
* 2008-04-28 "Rakudo milestones posted"<> by Patrick Michaud
* 2008-04-22 "Refcounting Isn't All Bad"<> by chromatic (How very selective recourse to reference counting speeds up Parrot.)
* 2008-04-12 "More Parrot/Rakudo Optimizations"<> by chromatic
* 2008-04-11 "Yet Another Parrot/Rakudo Optimization"<> by chromatic
* 2008-04-10 "Multiple Dispatch Now, Please!"<> by chromatic
* 2008-04-09 "Delegation With 'handles'"<> by Jonathan Worthington (Rakudo)
* 2008-04-08 "Rakudo Gets Type Annotations And Checking"<> by Jonathan Worthington
* 2008-04-02 "Perl 6 on Parrot (Rakudo) progress report"<> by Patrick Michaud
* 2008-03-31 "Rakudo gets some IO"<> by Jonathan Worthington
* 2008-03-28 "Pairs and Subsets"<> by Jonathan Worthington (Rakudo)
* 2008-03-27 "The Parrot Compiler Toolkit Tutorial"<> by Ovid (concerns the tutorial posted on <>)
* 2008-03-08 "Perl Myths"<> by Tim bunce (PDF; Perl is *not* dead, Perl is *not* hard to read / test / maintain, Perl 6 is *not* killing off Perl 5.)
* 2008-02-23 "Perl 6"<> by Patrick Michaud ("video"<>)
* 2008-02-16 "The Future of mod_perl: Perl 6 and Beyond"<> by Jeff Horwitz (PDF; Frozen Perl conference)
* 2008-02-15 "Role Composition and Regexes"<> by Jonathan Worthington (progress report)
* 2008-02-07 "More Rakudo OO Hacking"<> by Jonathan Worthington (progress report)
* 2008-02-07 "What You Test Changes How You Test"<> by chromatic (Read this if you're interested in helping out with testing. *Donations of Windows PCs would also be helpful.*)
* 2008-02-03 "The Cult of Bootstrapping"<> by chromatic (Why bootstrapping with the [Parrot] VM still makes huge sense.)
* 2008-02-02 "The Mysterious Backstory of Perl QA (chromatic remix)"<> by chromatic (How the Perl 6 project stimulated the important and impressinve advances in Perl 5 quality assurance.)
* 2008-02-01 "New perl6doc executable"<> by Brian d Foy (for [rakudo] (Perl 6 on [Parrot]))
* 2008-02-?? "Richard Dice about 'The Perl Foundation'"<> (interview in the German Perl magazine "$foo-Magazin")
* 2008-01-23 "w00t! Rakudo Perl has classes!"<> by Andy Lester (progress report)
* 2008-01-15 "Parrot 0.5.2 released, now with 'make perl6'"<> by Bob Rogers
* 2008-01-06 "My Perl 6 Hacking"<> by Jonathan Worthington
* ——————
* 2007-11-16 "Classes, Roles and Constraints in Perl 6"<> by Jonathan Worthington (French Perl Workshop 2007)
* 2007-11-16 "Parrel New World"<> by Jonathan Worthington (French Perl Workshop 2007)
* 2007-11-07 "A Tour of Parrot"<> by chromatic (linux-mag, free registration required to read)
* 2007-09-06 "First mod_perl6 handlers"<> by Jeff Horwitz
* 2007-05-10 "Everyday Perl 6"<> by Jonathan Scott Duff
* 2007-04-27 "Perl 6 Today"<> by Audry Tang (Video of presentation at Google)
* 2007-03-19 "Deploying And Supporting Perl 6"<> by Jonathan Worthington (UKUUG Spring 2007 Conference)
* 2007-03-01 "The Beauty of Perl 6 Parameter Passing"<> by Phil Crow
* ——————
* 2006-03-01 "Refuting Perl 6 Myths"<> by Juerd (8th German Perl Workshop, 2006)
* 2006-01-17 "What is Perl 6 / Slashdot"<>
* 2006-01-12 "What is Perl 6"<> by chromatic
* ——————
* 2005-12-20 "Larry Wall on Perl 6 / Slashdot"<>
* 2005-12-19 "Larry Wall on Perl 6"<> by M-Saunders in Linux Format (brief excerpts of printed version)
* ——————
* 2004-11-02 "Cultured Perl: Perl 6 grammars and regular expressions"<> by Teodor Zlatanov
* 2004-05-28 "Periodic Table of the Operators"<> by Mark Lentczner
* 2004-05-04 "How to Sell Perl 6"<> by Ovid
* ——————
* 2003-06-12 "The Case for Virtual Register Machines"<> by Brian Davis, Andrew Beatty, Kevin Casey, David Gregg and John Waldron (PDF)
* ——————
* 2002-09-06 "Larry Wall On Perl, Religion, and... / Slashdot"<>
* ——————
* 2000-07-25 "Report on the Perl 6 Announcement: Why? How?"<> by Mark-Jason Dominus

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