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** "Search for articles mentioning 'by Adriano Ferreira'"<|Books|Conferences|Other|Weblogs&sp-q=%22by+Adriano+Ferreira%22&sp-p=any&sp-d=custom&sp-date-range=730&sp-q-1=&sp-x-1=collection&sp-c=100&sp-m=1&sp-s=1>, the author of the 'Yet Another Perl 6 ....' series of [Perl 6 microarticles].
** "Search for articles mentioning 'by chromatic'"<|Books|Conferences|Other|Weblogs&sp-q=%22by+chromatic%22+%22perl+6%22&sp-p=all&sp-d=custom&sp-date-range=-1&sp-q-1=&sp-x-1=collection&sp-c=100&sp-m=1&sp-s=1>, the author of many Perl 6 articles and @Larry member.
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* 2099-12-25 "Happy 1st Birthday, Perl 7!"[Perl 6 Articles and Presentations] by Very Lucky Author (Useful additional notes here, PDF head's up, etc.)

Add items here, putting the *most recent items first*.

* ...
* 2009-05-25 "Meditations on a Loop"<> by John M. Długosz
* 2009-03-25 "Perl 6 importing, and soon sockets"<> by Jonathan Worthington
* 2009-03-24 "Week 3 of -- Creating a minimal Web framework, cont'd"<> by Carl Masak
* 2009-03-21 " for the Perl 6 Web project"<> by Stephen Weeks
* 2009-03-06 "November won a prize"<> by Carl Masak
* 2009-03-06 "Perl 6 Tidings from March 2009"<> by Moritz Lenz
* 2009-03-02 "A(nother) Reverse Polish Notation Calculator"<> by Patrick Michaud
* 2009-02-18 "Rakudo Built-ins Can Now Be Written In Perl 6"<> by Jonathan Worthington
* 2009-02-17 "Parrot 0.9.1 'Final Countdown' released!"<> by kjstol
* 2009-02-09 "Periodic Table of Perl 6 Operators"<> by Mark Lentczner
* 2009-02-08 "Shimming for testing Perl 6 code released to CPAN"<> by Gábor Szabó
* 2009-02-07 "Should Perl 6 use the CPAN?"<> by Andy Lester
* 2009-02-07 "Where Rakudo Lives Now"<> by Moritz Lenz
* 2009-01-17 "Parametric Roles"<> by Jonathan Worthington
* 2009-01-15 "Leaving the Parrot nest [Issues related to reorganizing Rakudo-related repositories and web sites]"<> by Patrick Michaud
* 2009-01-13 "Perl 6 Microgrant: Andrew Whitworth [to write a Perl 6 book for Wikibooks]"<> by Leon Brocard (aka acme)
* 2009-01-12 "How to get a commit bit for Perl 6 (ln -s) [it's easy -- help just hack a test case]"<> by Ovid
* 2009-01-12 "Getting Started with Perl 6"<> by Gábor Szabó
* 2009-10-10 "Perl 6 syntax highlighting [in Padre]"<> by Gábor Szabó
* 2009-01-07 "Stuff I've been doing [Parrot progress, upcoming talks]"<> by Jonathan Worthington
* 2009-01-06 "Perl 6 Tidings from January 2009"<> by Moritz Lenz
* 2009-01-05 "How to get a parse tree for a Perl 6 Program"<> by Moritz Lenz
* 2009-01-05 "Parrot Speaks Your Language"<> by Stephen Weeks
* 2009-01-04 "Revolution or Obscurity [Perl 5 lives, Perl 6 is real]"<> by chromatic
* 2009-01-04 "A farewell to ideas [patterns, shortest path]"<> by Carl Masak
* 2009-01-04 "mod_parrot 0.5"<> by Jeff Horwitz
* 2009-01-03 "A Perl one-liner grows up"<> by Carl Masak
* 2009-01-02 "List of working and non-working Rakudo features"<> by Patrick Michaud
* 2009-01-01 "Vanilla Perl 6 (the "other" Sekrit) abandoned for now"<> by Alias
* 2009-01-01 "Perl 6 Cookbook"<> by Gábor Szabó
* 2008-12-31 "Hangman in Perl 6"<> by Ovid
* 2008-12-30 "Scripters, now is the time!"<> by Carl Masak
* 2008-12-29 "The care and feeding of S29"<> by Carl Masak
* 2008-12-29 "Syntax highlighting for Perl 6"<> by Gábor Szabó
* 2008-12-25 "mod_parrot HLL Module Developer's Guide"<> by Jeff Horwitz
* 2008-12-23 "Perl 6 Scripting Games"<> by Patrick Michaud
* 2008-12-22 "Two days. 562 new passing tests"<> by Patrick Michaud
* 2008-12-20 "Fun with code blocks in Perl 6"<> by Carl Masak
* 2008-12-17 "Rakudo Day: Fixes and features"<> by Jonathan Worthington
* 2008-12-16 "Perl 6 - Given/When"<> by Stephen Weeks
* 2008-12-15 "Non-fatal exceptions"<> by Stephen Weeks
* 2008-12-12 "It's sort of like... (about adding the sort hashes by .value feature)"<> by Patrick Michaud
* 2008-12-12 "Rakudo now passing over 5,000 spectests"<> by Patrick Michaud
* 2008-12-11 "Plans for Integrating Padre with Parrot and Rakudo"<> by Gábor Szabó
* 2008-12-11 "rakudo spec test coverage chart"<> by Jerry Gay
* 2008-12-11 "Exception Handlers in HLLs"<> by Stephen Weeks
* 2008-12-11 "Planning for my Hague Grant"<> by Jonathan Worthington
* 2008-12-11 "Final Report on DeepText Multi-Dispatch Grant"<> by Jonathan Worthington
* 2008-12-11 "Currying in Perl 6"<> by Stephen Weeks
* 2008-12-10 ";; works, making illegal things illegal"<> by Jonathan Worthington
* 2008-12-10 "Grant accepted for Integrating Padre with Parrot and Rakudo"<> by Gábor Szabó
* 2008-12-10 "It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas..."<> by Patrick Michaud
* 2008-12-09 "Parrot development speed"<> by Patrick Michaud
* 2008-12-09 "Hyper/cross/reduction operators, IO tweaks and more"<> by Jonathan Worthington
* 2008-12-06 "November in December (Perl 6 Wiki running under mod_perl6)"<> by Jeff Horwitz
* 2008-12-05 "Fixes for Rakudo, and Parrot too"<> by Jonathan Worthington
* 2008-12-05 "Database access in Perl 6 is coming along nicely"<> by Andy Lester
* 2008-12-05 "Perl 6 Tidings from December 2008"<> by Moritz Lenz
* 2008-12-05 "That was the month that was (Lots of progress on November (Perl 6 based Wiki).)"<> by Carl Masak
* 2008-12-04 "A First Cut On proto"<> by Jonathan Worthington
* 2008-12-04 "Rakudo now supports inline PIR"<> by Patrick Michaud
* 2008-12-03 "Better Diagnostics On Ambiguous Dispatch"<> by Jonathan Worthington
* 2008-11-30 "mod_parrot Documentation"<> by Jeff Horwitz
* 2008-11-30 ".subst now honors :g(lobal) flag"<> by Patrick Michaud
* 2008-11-28 "infix: now works on Ranges in Rakudo"<> by Patrick Michaud
* 2008-11-26 "A day of Rakudo bug-fixing"<> by Jonathan Worthington
* 2008-11-25 "Lexicals have arrived"<> by Patrick Michaud
* 2008-11-22 "Multiple Dispatch: More features and speed"<> by Jonathan Worthington
* 2008-11-21 "Recent Progess (mod_parrot, mod_perl6)"<> by Jeff Horwitz
* 2008-11-21 "Automatic Variables in a GCd Language"<> by chromatic
* 2008-11-19 "Parrot 1.0 will be out in March 2009"<> by Andy Lester
* 2008-11-18 "Updated rakudo ROADMAP"<> by Patrick Michaud
* 2008-11-16 "A Roadmap from the Parrot Developer Summit"<> by chromatic
* 2008-11-15 "New Parrot Foundation Website"<>
* 2008-11-13 "Rakudo any/all/none junctions now collapse"<> by Patrick Michaud
* 2008-11-13 "The world according to .PARROT"<> by Patrick Michaud
* 2008-11-11 "Rakudo container refactor and fixes"<> by Jonathan Worthington
* 2008-11-10 "Wrap-up Report on Patrick Michaud's Mozilla Foundation / Perl Foundation Perl 6 development grant"<> by Richard Dice
* 2008-11-10 "Perl 6 Tidings for November 2008"<> by Moritz Lenz
* 2008-11-09 "Rakudo: Assorted improvements"<> by Jonathan Worthington
* 2008-11-09 "TPF awards Hague Grant to Jerry Gay, core 'Rakudo' Perl 6 team member, regarding S19 command line"<> by Richard Dice
* 2008-11-09 "TPF awards first Hague Grant to Patrick Michaud, head of the 'Rakudo' Perl 6 implementation effort"<> by Richard Dice
* 2008-11-05 "BBC joins Parrot Foundation advisory board"<> by Andy Lester
* 2008-11-04 "My first day back on Rakudo"<> by Jonathan Worthington
* 2008-11-03 "2008Q4 Grant Proposal: Integrating Padre with Parrot and Rakudo"<> by Gábor Szabó (Padre is a new {open source, Perl-friendly, and Scintilla-based} IDE/editor.)
* 2008-10-30 "Not Writing Perl 6"<> by Ovid
* 2008-10-27 "Multi-Primitive Dispatch Autoboxing Obsession"<> by chromatic
* 2008-10-23 "Perl 6 isn't vaporware"<> by Neil McAllister
* 2008-10-23 "Perl 6 isn't exactly vaporware"<> by Andy Lester.
* 2008-10-20 "Running Perl 6 Tests In Vim"<> by Ovid
* 2008-10-19 "Configuring Vim for Perl 6"<> by Ovid
* 2008-10-19 "Zero Defect Code in Ada and Perl 6"<> by Ovid
* 2008-10-19 "Allison Randal on the Parrot Foundation advisory board, and the state of Parrot 1.0"<> BY Andy Lester.
* 2008-10-19 "Perl 5 to 6 - Rules (formerly Regexes)"<> by Moritz Lenz
* 2008-10-19 "Perl 5 to 6 - Containers and Values"<> by Moritz Lenz
* 2008-10-19 "Perl 5 to 6 - Regexes strike back"<> by Moritz Lenz
* 2008-10-19 "Perl 6 Tidings from September and October 2008"<> by Moritz Lenz
* 2008-10-16 "ActiveState joins the Parrot Foundation advisory board: What does that mean for Parrot and Perl 6?"<> by Andy Lester
* 2008-10-12 "Perl 5 to 6 - Contexts"<> by Moritz Lenz
* 2008-10-12 "Perl 5 to 6 - Objects and Classes"<> by Moritz Lenz
* 2008-10-12 "Perl 5 to 6 - Subroutines and Signatures"<> by Moritz Lenz
* 2008-10-12 "Perl 5 to 6 - Basic Control Structures"<> by Moritz Lenz
* 2008-10-12 "Perl 5 to 6 - Types"<> by Moritz Lenz
* 2008-10-12 "Perl 5 to 6 - Strings, Arrays, Hashes;"<> by Moritz Lenz
* 2008-10-12 "Perl 5 to 6 - Introduction"<> by Moritz Lenz
* 2008-10-01 "What Perl 6 Is Going to Do"<> by Ovid
* 2008-09-25 "partcl running with tcltest.tcl"<> by Will Coleda
* 2008-09-19 "Tcl/Tk access for Rakudo"<> by Vadim Konovalov
* 2008-09-18 "Re-architecting mod_parrot"<> by Jeff Horwitz
* 2008-09-12 "Rakudo MMD now using Perl 6 algorithm"<> by Jonathan Worthington
* 2008-09-11 "'Final report' for Mozilla Foundation and TPF grant"<> by Patrick R. Michaud
* 2008-09-04 "Multi-dispatch progress"<> by Jonathan Worthington

^^^ List of articles and presentations, most recent first (Archive)

Due to the greatly increased number of new items, items older than a few months are moved here:

* [Perl 6 Articles and Presentations (Archive)]

^^ Categorized Articles and Presentations

^^^ Grants and Support

Moved to [Perl 6 Donors, Sponsors, and Supporters].

^^^ Perl 6 Language Design

^^^^ Larry Wall's Presentations

* [Larry Wall's Talks]
* [State of the Onion]

^^^^ Other Languages (relevant to Perl 6)

* ""Perl Best Practices"<>" by Damian Conway. Even though this currently applies to Perl 5, most of the principles also apply to Perl 6. This book is a semi-officially recommended guideline for people developing core Perl 6 modules and tests.
* ""Confessions of a Used Programming Language Salesman; Getting the Masses Hooked on Haskell"<>" (Warning: PDF link) by Erik Meijer.
* ""Traits"<>" are one of the "Big Ideas" that have influenced #perl6 design discussions.
* Some "Paul Graham"<> essays on programming language design. Although Graham's background is Lisp and he is the designer of "Arc"<>, many of his themes are highly relevant to understanding (1) why Perl 6 is going to be a huge success, and (2) how you can take great advantage of Perl 6.
** ""The 100 Year Language"<>" (2003-04) is a classic programming language essay on how we should view Perl 6 — even though it's not about Perl 6.
** ""Why Arc Isn't Especially Object Oriented"<>"
** ""Design Philosophy"<>"
** ""Five Questions About Language Design"<>" (2001-05)
** ""Six Principles for Making New Things"<>" (2008-02)
** ""The Venture Capital Squeeze"<>" (2005-11) "During the Bubble, a lot of people predicted that startups would outsource their development to India. I think a better model for the future is David Heinemeier Hansson, who *outsourced his development to a more powerful language instead*."
** ""Programming Bottom-Up"<>" (1993)
** ""Revenge of the Nerds"<>" (2002-05)
** ""The Python Paradox"<>" (2004-08)

^^^ Perl 6 Topics (micro-articles and more)

* [Perl 6 microarticles]

^^ External agregators

* "Perl 6 and Parrot links"<> - more than 300 Perl 6 and Parrot VM related links ( wiki)
* "Planet Perl Six"<> - an aggregator of select Perl 6 related blogs
* "Planet Parrot"<> - an aggregation of select Parrot related blogs

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