Perl 6
Amazing Perl 6: Revision 10

This page lists some amazing Perl 6 snippets. The list after the title refers to the keywords for the snippet.


  • custom operators
  • reduce operator
  • range operator
  • placeholder variable
sub postfix:<!> { [*] 1..$^n }
say 5!;


Custom Operators

There is a set of special sub declarations that interfere in the parsing of the language, these are the:

  • prefix
  • postfix
  • circumfix
  • infix
  • postcircumfix

you declare them by using type:identifier, where the identifier is quoted using the '<' and '>', optionally « » when you want to use '<' or '>' as part of the identifier. Some examples of subs that come defined in Perl 6 core are:

  • prefix:<^> which is the operator that turns ^100 into 0..99
  • postfix:<i> which allows you to use complex numbers as in 1 + 2i
  • circumfix:<( )> which creates a unflattened capture as in (1,2,(3,4,(5,6)))
  • infix:<+> which sums two values, as in 1 + 2
  • postcircumfix:<{ }> which is used as the hash subscript as in %a{$b}

So when you declare a sub postfix:<!> you are declaring a language operator that lives in the same level as any other Perl 6 operator.


  • gather/take
  • lazy lists
  • bind
my @a := gather for 1..1000 -> $i { say $i; take $i };
say @a[10]; # prints 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

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