WITCH guidelines

General Guidelines for Contributing to the Perl6 WITCH.

1) We only want to link to documentation, not write it. Any sentences describing what an operator does are more there just as something to wrap hyperlinks around, and help the user pick the correct hyperlink to click on.

2) The exception to 1) is the "Mnemonics" section, which helps convey the semantics that a character is tuned to under perl6. Consider it a "mental hyperlink". It should always go first, so that mouse-overs on the main page are useful. Try to mimic this section from the way it looks in other pages.

3) If you find yourself wanting to use the same set of links in many places, maybe you should create a page about the concept, put those links in it, and link it to the glossary in addition to using it to link to from the WITCH.

4) If you have something you want to link to, see if you can find it on this wiki, and if there is a copy there, use that rather than external links.

5) Ask yourself if a usage really belongs to a different character. If so, just link over there rather than cut and paste.

6) Don't try to flesh out all mutations, meta operators or hyper operators, that's just masochistic. Just note anything that does not work with meta operators. Mutations are as far as one really needs to go, and then only if they are not especially obvious. Note there is a section below in which to note any nuances to using mutations or meta operators with a character.

7) When creating a new page for a character, copy the following headers in, so they match the ones in the other pages. Just delete the ones you don't need. Also you can use this list to get ideas for where to look if you are trying to make sure a character page is completely thorough.

^ Mnemonics
^ Used alone
^ Used as a brace pair or quote pair
^ Operators containing this character
^ When used inside regexes
^ When used in a Signature
^ Special Variables
^ As an adverb
^ Other Uses
^ Hyper operator and meta operator restrictions
^ Old, deprecated, or other language uses

8) Have fun and do not worry about being thorough. This resource should come together just swell even by pointillism.