Perl 6 Tutorial

This tutorial was written for $foo Perl magazine and was published from winter 2007 until autumn 2009, later also in the wiki of the german Perl community. Much editing is being done afterwards to keep the content valid, because Perl 6 is still moving. To understand this tutorial you need basic Perl and general programming skills. Most terms are explained on the way. If you would like to deepen your knowledge, read the Perl 6 Tablets.

Part 1 : Basic Syntax

Part 2 : Operators for Scalars

Part 3 : Operators for Arrays

Part 4 : Hashes and control structures

Part 5 : Captures and Subroutines

Part 6 : Objects and Roles

Part 7 : Text, Rules and Grammars

Part 8 : Introspection and Metaprogramming