Perl 6 Quotes


<TimToady> after all, Perl Philosphy is simply to torment the implementors on behalf of the user (#perl6, 2008-10-09)
<pmichaud> aha! I have a quote for my keynote.

21:23 <pmichaud> how many Weebs is 10 minutes? ;)
21:24 <masak> pmichaud: depends on the length of those weebs, duh. :)
21:25 <pmichaud> there is no length in Perl 6.-
21:25 <jnthn> .oO( there's no length...that's why we don't know how long it will take )-
21:26 <pmichaud> lol!-
21:26 * pmichaud has another quote to add.-
21:26 <masak> "- How far to Christmas? - Don't know, Larry removed .length"

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