Perl 6 People

This "who is doing what" and "who is interested in what" social-networking page is for anyone (including newbies and organizations) doing anything significant (including commercial) regarding Perl 6. Intructions about how to expand are at the end. Not all links lead to articles in this wiki. To get all of them click on the "People" tag on the right side or on this link.

Donors, Sponsors, and Supporters

This important section expanded enough to get its own page (Yea!): Perl 6 Donors, Sponsors, and Supporters.

The Language Design Team

Also known as "@Larry", and led by Larry Wall, our hero and leader, the inventor of Perl. We think he deserves a MacArthur prize.

Software Developers

Contributors to Implementations

Developers using Perl 6 (and Parrot)

Documentation Authors


Wiki Contributors

Article Authors


The Old Guard

These individuals contributed a great deal, but are no longer serving in their former capacities:

How to add yourself to this page: