Perl 6 apps and modules

A lot of perl6 modules and applications writing nowadays, this is attempt to make its list. Update it, plz. when your start yet another perl6 module!


"Literate programming (� la Haskell) in Perl 6"

see real usage example

"This is a simple attempt to create a working Vector class. I initially set out
to support 3D vectors, but it turned out to be easier to support vectors of
any dimension."

Status: active


"A wiki engine written in Perl"

Status: active


"For all the things it doesn't mean, pun gives you the -p and -n flags before
they exist in Rakudo. It's two simple wrappers that simulate those flags."

Status: done


"A a hyper-lightweight dependency tracking and project installation system."

Status: active


"Simple CSV (comma-separated values) format parser for Perl 6."


"A connection-oriented board game written in Perl 6"

"SVG is a module for creating Scalable Vector Graphics in Perl 6."


"Tufte is a port of the "scruffy" plotting library for Perl 6."

"SVG::Plot is a simple 2D bar chart plotter for Perl 6."


"SVG visualization for Perl 6 match objects"

"An initial Perl 6 grammar for JSON."

"Lightweight Perl 6 framework for web applications. Work-name is",,, lives here.

Status: active.

"Perl6 realization of URI — Uniform Resource Identifiers handler
It is can only parse URI for now, and provide some methods to it`s parts."

Forked by Ronald Schmidt

Status: suspend (both).