Old YAP6 Changelog

0.0.1 - The initial revision, definining the basic data structures to
be used. - Basic memory management, values are alloc'ed and basic
refcount garbage collection is implemented. - Basic APPLY dispatch. - Lists and Hashes contains Scalars - Basic int type. - Single initialization method - Some work in supporting lists - Starting the list dispatcher - Basic list features working. - make test works - List destruction, List_ProxyScalar destruction, consts destruction, no leaks at the moment. - Scalar Dispatcher. - COMPR no longer exists, low-level objects always must implement STRNG, INTGR, BOOLN and WHICH. - Pair Dispatcher. - bytes dispatcher - a value that holds an array of bytes - int WHICH. - bytes WHICH. - WHICH implementation in every native type, the WHICH will return a "bytes" value. - bytes BOOLN - int BOOLN