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Very Early Public Prototype

(Copied from perl6-users mail list, 2008-08-21):

We are now live at:


I have created a test-account. With user test-account and pass Iw4ntinPLZ. This is a very early prototype. There are lots of things that don't work. I am aware of two things at the moment:

1. Non-ascii characters makes our parser bail out. So please don't use them when editing pages, unless you want to block them.

2. Logging out don't work, or rather, it works partially. We remove the cookie from the browser but there's a bug in rakudo (which I still haven't submitted) that stops us from removing the session in a reasonable way.

And oh, don't excpect created content to stay for now. This is more to show what we have done and how far we have come.


Johan Viklund, Infomarketr

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